Friday, February 18, 2011

Zone Conference

December 7, 2011
Well this past week was a good one! we went down to Armenia and had
zone conference. Elder Schwitzer from the 70 came and spoke at it and
then after wards i got a one on one interview with him. that was way
cool!! he was actually brother brown's (the first missionary to serve in
georgia) mission president and he got a call from the Prophet to send
the best two missionaries from his mission to Georgia to open it up.
so  Brother Brown (my teacher in the mtc) was the first one to go to
Georgia. so Elder Schwitzer has very deep love for georgia!! way cool!
 well he came up to Georgia and spoke to the people. we had over 80
people show up!! that is more then we have at church in both branches
combined!!! crazy!
well this past week we did exchanges and me and elder Allen who came
in my group were together. we are both way new and we don't know a ton
of the language so it was hard but we did well. we went knocking on
doors so we would have to talk to people. we did better then we
thought we would. :) President Dunn heard what we did so know every
monday and tuesday me and elder Allen are together so we will learn
faster. i think he is trying to get us ready to train in march when we
have 3 new missionaries coming to Georgia.... crazy!!!! we will do
well my investigators are well. they are progressing. we have one guy
who is a real thinker and we met with him this week and we had Garik a
member come with us and Garik pounded the gospel with him and our
investigator said he could feel something changing inside him and that
if someone can be so strong in the faith as Garik is then God must
have something to do with it. i was like "OH YAY!!!" that change is
the spirit touching you and testifying the truth to you" he is doing
way good!
well is has gotten way cold here this past week. like freezing lol but
i like the cold so it is way good.
i am doing so good and loving it here!! hope all is well with you and
you have a safe week!


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