Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting to know his area...

Nov. 2, 2009

Well where do I start... well yesterday was my first fast Sunday in Georgia. It was pretty cool listening to the few members we have that actually come to church. I "syced" my self out and did not get up and bear my testimony. That is a promise I made that I will never do that again. Remember that; always testify!! Well this past week has been raining like no other. I LOVE THE RAIN!!! when it rains here it rains!! You have rivers going down the street and sidewalks and guess what... I am out in the middle of it walking around talking to the few people that are out there. My comp thinks I am crazy I just tell him: "what would Jesus do"? " he would walk out there on top of the water and talk to the people so that is what I am doing." Well we have 4 investigators currently. One his name is valodia. he is the smoker and he just can't stop. so I told him I was going to take them away and when he wanted to smoke to sing or recite his favorite scripture. So he is doing well. 2nd is tarehle. he is great. He knows it is true and is coming along good. Just got to get him to church more. 3rd is ucha. he is the one that needs the most help because he has the most fear of all. He doesn’t want to change because he thinks Georgia is united by its religion and does not want to break down Georgia by changing. It is hard thing to deal with here in this old country. 4th we have natia. who came to us and asked us for a Book of Mormon cuz she is looking for answers. She had a daughter who died last month who was 16 years old. She died from cancer. She tells us that her daughter was close to God and now she wants to know what will happen to her daughter and with herself. She is looking for the truth and I told her that we had it. so she is doing well. Well this week is a good one. Mom hope your YW goes good. I would love to see you come here and do YW cuz man we are trying to set up the church like in the states with all the mutuals and firesides and institute. It is really hard getting the little youth we have to come. got any ideas? well for Halloween I was a missionary.

October 19, 2009
Oh man Tbilisi is great! my area is vakitili which is the ghetto of Tbilisi ha ha ha it is so far away from anything and it is the JW capital of Georgia. we have had two run ins with them and both times we got no where so we just tell each other that we going to change our faith and walk away. lol well this weekend was Tbilisoba. the day Tbilisi was founded. it was a crazy weekend. (it is bigger than the 4th of July in America!!) way cool experience! huge party all over the city! everyone from the tiny villages all over Georgian came in and celebrated. it was way cool to watch. great food, Georgian dancers, Georgian music, thousands of drunk people and thousands of sober people to talk to. it was great. the language is good. I don't know what people are saying to me still but I still talk to everyone. ha ha ha I am good and loving it here! GEORGIA IS THE BEST!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Georgia!

hey family! wat’s up! Well, it has been one week in Georgia! It is so cool here. The people are the nicest people ever and the food is the best I've ever had. There hachapoore; it is bread with melted cheese inside. There is lobeane; it is a tortea with beans and meat inside. There is lavash; is it like a burrito but so much better. The food here is so good!! Everything is fresh and made right when you order. SO GOOD!!! The people are so nice. They love that I am American and love to talk. It is awesome! Well, the work is good. We got one guy who just has to quit smoking before he can get baptized. He has been trying for 4 months now to quit and he is down to 2 smokes a day when he was at like 80 a day. He is doing all right. Then, we got 2 other investigators who know the truth about the gospel, but are afraid to commit because they have fear. So Ii am working trying to get rid of the fear that has been built up in the people for centuries. The work is great. So Georgia is so BEAUTIFUL!! Mountains all around. So amazing flowers and trees and buildings and everything is just so awesome!!! Today is Zone Conference so we are going to Armenia for two days. that will be cool. Nate: good luck in swimming! you are going to dominate! well like i said Georgia is the BEST! I feel like i have been here before!!! It is great. I LOVE YOU ALL!
LOVE Elder Superman/JOHNSON

Thursday, October 1, 2009

One more week...

October 1, 2009
Whats up? how are you all? how is work and school? well I am great and loving life!! Only one more week here in the MTC and one more week her in AMERICA!! YAHOO!!! I so excited! well its been a busy week. lots of preaparations for georgia and departure. I sent home my flight planes. I will try and call at noon but I can't make any guarantees. HOW DO YOU CALL COLLECT?
Well we started learning russian and Oh My Lanta!!! it is crazy hard! Georgian is way harder but the 2 are nothing alike so its difficult. oh well I can do it. Got a Russian book of morman so I have started reading very very little in it. I can Honestly say my Georgian is better than my Russian... ha ha ha
NATE: CONRGRAGULATIONS ON MAKING THE TEAM!!!! I am so proud of you!! I am happy that I could leave such a good impression on the team that cruff would want anyone related to me on it!! lol jk you're a great swimmer!! so what races are you going to swim? what lane are you in? you made any friends on the team? tell cruff hi for me and the rest of the team! thanks!! your AEWSOME!
Well my time is up. :( I will write the rest in a handwritten letter. :) no p-day next week. so until next time I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First words from the MTC...

September 3, 2009
MTC, Provo UT
Elder Johnson says to tell everyone Hello!