Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning the language

February 22nd

I did get to packages from home last week. thanks so much!! I loved them! Things are good for me. I love it here in saburtalo as this part of the city is called. it is way fun! ya cool people and such a sweet area. do you have a map of T'bilisi where you can map out where I am at or no? just wondering. Well you know by now we are having a baptism this Saturday, his name is Steven and he is half American half Iranian and works for the UN. So we met our goal for 1 baptism a month!!! yay!! This will be number 3 for me and number 10 for Georgia since I have been here. This last week was an awesome week!! on Saturday we had 3 Baptisms!!!!!! Anna and Samvel are the couple we got married last month and the husband quit smoking... they got baptized on Saturday! it was totally awesome!!!! Great weekend! well I have tons of pictures I want to send but my camera is dead and I left the battery charger in Armenia from last time we went down so I hope I can get it this next week. This past week flew by. In Sacrament we had 7 investigators come and I had to speak. I talked for 15 minutes all in Georgian! man that was tough cuz i never speak straight Georgian for that long. It was good. Some people in the audience corrected me cuz I said some words wrong and we were all laughing. I told them to listen to the meaning of my talk and not to my pronunciation. ha ha it was good. so I have talked twice in Sacrament now since being here. It is good. We have 7 investigators now. This week me and Elder Peatross found a new kid from India. His name is Aman,. he is totally awesome!! He has no friends here so me and Elder Peatross hang and teach him all the time. He makes us real indian food too!! I love it!! we are trying to help him get his business going at the moment. He doesn't speak any Georgian so we help him out. Really slow but good. I like them all!! Well that is all for next week. THANKS!!!

Starting out in his new area...

February 15TH

Well things are good here on the other side of the world! I like my new area and the people that live here. It is about 20 minutes across the city from my last area. Still right there in Tbilisi. I am just in the center if Tbilisi. instead of being on the outskirts. It is good. I am in the Senior couples ward so we have one of them as the branch president. It is sad about the Georgian athlete. I live right next to the Georgian Olympic Committee Building and no one comes in or out of that building so I didn't even know that there was a team... oh well he will get to hear the true gospel now. So things are good here! the work is well and I love it!!! qvelapere kargia!!!!! tell everyone I say hi and that I am good!!! your welcome for the Christmas cards! don't worry I can't read them either.......ha ha well love you tons and thanks for finding lots of pictures for me!!

It snowed!

February 8TH

So this last week guess what..... WE HAVE SNOW!!!!! we have about 6 inches now and it is still falling. it has been falling all week now. I LOVE IT!!!! it is so beautiful!! Well we have 2 baptisms for the 20th now and one the 27th. They are set and our investigators will make their dates, things are progressing very well. Well things are progressing very well so I am getting transferred now on Tuesday I am going to Saburtalo, it is like down town T'bilisi. think of it as moving from down town ghetto ogden to down town rich park city. It is where all the excitement is at in the city. So I will be with Elder Petrose from Roosevelt UT. and Elder Bennett will be with Elder Vazgen.. It will be a good change and some other good news is that in March when the new missionaries come I am training one of them. CRAZY!!!!! so I have one month to learn the language. wow!! Well things are good here. The work is progressing and I have snow finally!!! it is awesome. Well I like it here a lot. Hope you are well and everything goes well.

Zone Conference in Armenia

January 25, 2010

Zone conference was great. so crossing the boarder... it is interesting... the drive down there is about a 7 hour drive and then time at the border it takes 9 hours totally to get there. first you have to check out of Georgia. that takes about 10 minutes. Well then we have to get visa and that into Armenia. that takes the most time because the Armenians don't like people coming into their country. Georgians are picky about what you bring into their country but don't care who comes in. Armenians care about who comes in but not what you bring. I did get a bunch of letters. with pictures all over them. Nate you are a goof!!! ha ha you all look good! I am not picky you can send me whatever you think I need. If I think of something I will write you next week so wait one more week ok.... well that is all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The holidays!

So this last few weeks have been crazy. With all the holidays going on here it has been hard to do some work. No body has time to meet or to stop and talk to you on the street, so we have been really struggling to help these people this week. After the 14th everything will settle down and go good. So we had 2 baptisms on Saturday. a mom and an 9 year old girl. The father will be baptized in 2 weeks. So things aren’t too bad! Our investigators are doing good. We will be having 2 baptisms of our own (me and Elder Vazgen) on the 23rd, then another on the 30th and then another Feb. 6th if everything works out.... The man who has been trying to quit smoking for almost a year said he is not going to smoke any more after the 13th on Jan. even if it kills him he said. He is finally going to stop. Well I am teaching a guy from India, (Aman). He is the coolest. He knows no Georgian and very little english. less english then I know Georgian. He only speaks Hindia and Panjabi his native languages in India. So I teach him english and I teach him the gospel by pictures. It is very good. He is my brother from another mother! ha ha ha. So it is good.
So I live in an apartment building. it is very small and right now a pipe broke in the wall so all our walls are soaking wet and our apartment is freezing. The weather is freezing already so it is not good. We have no snow but it is about 32 degrees during the day and about 10 degrees at night. Way cold! lol. I live in ISANI by the metro but our church is at 300 aragveli sabaduris street. 27a Tbilisi Georgia. Georgia history is pretty cool and unique. Did you know that 2 of Christ's apostles were killed here in Georgia and then a century latter they declared Christianity... Crazy. The language is so hard! I can speak it fine but when it comes to understanding what people are saying I am lost like no other. I can teach the lessons in Georgian really simple and bear my testimony but I can't really share my feelings or really connect with the people like I can speaking American. So it is hard and then trying to learn Armenian and Russian too is way hard. My head feels like it is going to explode. Well I am good and doing my best. So that is about it... MEQVARKHAR! LOVE YOU!!! LOVE ELDER SUPERMAN