Tuesday, February 22, 2011

an AWESOME week!

The work is really moving forward this month- he's had several baptisms and we are so happy for him! Aman, the brother that Scott started teaching ths month has been very near and dear to him his whole mission. They got to be very close while Scott helped him come to the gospel. This is just the beginning, but we have loved hearing about his conversion through Scott's emails.

February 22, 2010
wow!!! time flies!!! so things are going way good here for me. this last week was an awesome week!! On saturday we had 3 Baptisms!!!!!! Anna, Samvel and TJ.  (Anna and Samvel are the couple i got married last month. they are in isani where i just got moved from.) it was totally awesome!!
And then this saturday we have another one!  His name is steven and he is half american-half iranian and works for the UN. He is mine and Peatross's investigator. so we met our goal for 1 baptism a month!!!
yay!! it will be awesome!!!

well the weather here is good and nice.  just the wind blowing all the time. this week me and peatross found a new kid from india.  his name is Aman. he is totally awesome!!  he has no friends here so me and peatross hang and teach him all the time.  he makes us real indian food too!! i love it!!  we are trying to help him get his buisness going at the moment. he doesn't speak any georgian so we help him out. i  am a good buisness man lol ha ha ha

well today is one week from my birthday!!!  my last week as a teenager :(  i guess i will just have to do something totally crazy ha ha ha i will have to have a HUGE, BIG party without you all... sorry ha ha ha!

well things are good and the work is awesome!!!! i love it here! oh also today is 7 months out on my mission! time flies when you're partying.... i mean working hard lol
well love you tons and hope everything goes well for you this next week!! BE SAFE


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