Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zone Conference in Georgia

May 31, 2010
so this last week was amazing!!!  we had zone conference in Georgia
this time!  so everyone came up here!  it was fun!  it was good to see
everyone from the south that we never see.  well it was our last time
to meet with President Dunn. he is leaving on the 1st of july and so
this was the last time to meet with him. it was good! he is such an
amazing man!  on the exciting note.....  Elder Scott form the 12
apostles is coming to Armenia next week... the 11 through the 13 and so we get to
go down and have a big conference with him!!! this will be the second
time seeing him on my mission!  it will be awesome!!!  i am excited!

so this last week was alright. it was a quick one!  after zone
conference we went to Nana's house and made khinkali (georgian
food!!!) it is the best!!  so i learned how to make it and now i want
to start a business in the U.S. making it and other good food!!!  i am
seriously thinkin about it :) 

so things are good here.  the weather
is hot and really humid. i am so tired at the end of the day. it is
crazy.  so the work is slow because people are going to the villages
for the summer so it is hard cuz there is very few here.  so we will
so i am doing good!  i am healthy and loving it!!!
be safe all of you and know that i love you!!!

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