Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new area, new investigators

Over here we've been watching the Olympics, and we were saddened by the loss of the Georgian sledding athlete in a tragic training accident. Scott, of course, had a wonderful gospel centered outlook on the incident...

February 15, 2010
well another week has come and gone. things are good here in Georgia. yes i did hear about the Georgian athlete. yes it is sad, but he will get a chance now to hear the true gospel...

everything here is wet and wet.  all the snow is melting and there are puddles everywhere!!! yay!!!  well the new area is great. just so you know 3 of my old investigators are getting baptized this saturday!!
and one of my new investigators in my new are is getting baptized the 27th. :) so things are good!  right now we are teaching 4 refugees. all 4 have been kicked out of there own country and 6 other countries,
and now Georgia might kick them out.  they were kicked out for religious matters so we are hoping that by teaching them and helping come to the truth that they will recieve some help and be let back in
there country.  i don't know...

so you know we got 3 new missionaries coming the end of march and i am training one of them... scary!!! lol
Valentine's Day was good. we had a huge YSA dance and had 40 YSA show up. (that is more then we have at sacrament.)  it was totally fun. we missionaries aren't allowed to dance but we just bring investigators and be friend those that aren't members.  it was so much fun.

well things are good! our zone leaders are coming up today and they are bringing the mail!! i love getting mail!  it is going to be a good day!!!
well i am good!! be safe and stay out of trouble!!

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