Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time flies...

Hopefully this upcoming zone conference with Elder Scott is awesome! We love hearing Scott's upbeat attitude, and the good news about his investigators.

June 7, 2010
So this last week was a quick one.  things went pretty fast this week.
 it was good!  so first on monday we went up to the mother of georgia.
 it is this big huge statue of this lady holding a sword (for her
enemies and some grapes for her friends). it is pretty cool!  we had a
fun time up there!

so then the other days were good. we had some good
meetings and some bad ones.  what can you do but go with it and pray
that next week you have more good ones then bad ones and it keeps
improving every week. :)  we did have another baptism in georgia this
week. do you remember valodia?  he was one of my investigators in back
in Isani, when i first got in the country.  well he finally quit
smoking so he could be baptized. it was way good!  it was a good

so things in saburtalo are going good. the work is slow
now cuz everyone is leaving to the villages. during the summer
Tbilisi is so hot!! everyone leaves and go to the towns all around
georgia where it is cooler.  so we stay here and work with the few
that stay.... it is slow.  ya the weather this last week has been
hot!!! like 98 with 25% humidity. i wake up in the morning so
exhausted and drench in sweat i look like i just swam a race! lol
they might as well make swimming allowed here HA HA HA everyone tells
me that in august it gets more hot! i am going to die if it does!  i
am not one who does well in the heat.  i'll take the cold any day!
good news though... it is raining right now so that makes me happy!!!
so this week we are going to Armenia on friday!  Elder Scott for the
Quorum of the 12 Apostles is coming and we get a one on one meeting
with him!!  i am so excited!! and then afterwards we are having a huge
conference with all of the members and everyone else! i am so
excited!! it will be neat!  this will be my second time seeing him on
my mission!  saw him in the MTC.  it is going to be BE-AWSEOME!!!
so i am good and love you!!!


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