Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More baptisms!

February 1, 2010
wow so good to hear from you all!!!  what is new?  how is life?

well i am good. our baptism for last week fell through so that was sad:(
but we have 3 on the 13th of this month :) that is good.   the
weather is getting warmer and georgia is starting to become alive
again. during the winter time people either go to the villages or stay
home but now everyone is out and it is so cool!  things are good.  so
an update. i have been out six months now and have had 2 baptisms. we
have had 6 total since i have been here. that is way good!!   the work
is going well.  a lot of people are really stubburn so it is hard sometimes.
the language is going ok.  still way hard and i can only understand a
little or when they speak really slow.  but i like
it so i keep working with it. :)   i still can't believe that it is 6
months already!!!
well i am good! hope your all well and safe :)

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