Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Starting off 2010...

January 11, 2010
These last few weeks have been crazy! With all the holidays going on here it has been hard to do some work. no body has time to meet or to stop and talk to you on the street so we have been really struggling
to help these people this week. after the 14th everything will settle down and go good.

We did have 2 baptisms on saturday. a mom and an 9 year old girl. the father will get baptized in 2 weeks. :) so things aren't too bad! Our investigators are doing good. we will be having 4 baptisms of our own (me and Elder Vazgen) 2 on the 23rd, then another the 30th and then another Feb. 6th if everything works out.... the man who has been trying to quit for almost a year said he is not going to smoke any more after the 13th on Jan. even if it kills him he said, lets hope it doesn't lol. he is finally doing going to stop. well then i am
teaching a guy from India, (his name is Aman). he is the coolest. he knows no Georgian and very little english. (less english then i know georgian). he only speacks Hindia and Panjabi his native languages in India. so i teach him english and i teach him the gospel by pictures. it is very good. he is my brother from another mother! ha hah ha so it is good.

I live in an apartment building. it is very small and right now a pipe broke in the wall so all our walls are soaking wet and our aparment is freezing. :( the weather is frezzing already so it is not good. we have no snow but is is about 32 degs F. during the day and about 10 degs F. at night. way cold! lol i live in ISANI by the metro but our church is at 300 aragveli sabaduris street. 27a Tbilisi Georgia. you can look it up on google :) ya Goergia history is pretty cool and unique. did you know that 2 of Christ's apostles were killed
here in Georgia and then a century later they declare Christianity...

so the language is so hard! i can speak it fine but when it comes to understanding what people are saying i am lost like no other. i can teach the lessons in georgian really simple and bear my testimony but i can't really hare my feelings or really conecct with the people like i can speaking american. so it is hard. and then trying to learn Armenian and Russian too is way hard, my head feels like it is going to explode. lol well i am good and doing my best.. :)

so that is about it...


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