Friday, February 18, 2011

Kia Kaha

Transfers time! Scott got to stay in his area, where he is making lots of progress. The work is really moving forward with lots of promising new investigators!

Well,  my friends and family this week has been a thrilling one. first we had transferrs on tuesday. i am still in the Isani area with elderVazgen. he is an armenian and goes home in March. he is way smart andknows a ton!! way hard working and way good in the language. :) heteaches me well. we get along so well. i teach him english and heteaches me Georgian, Russian, and Armenian. man it is crazy learningthree languages. well the work is great! we had a baptism on saturday!way cool! he knows so much about the gospel sometimes i feel he isteaching me. we are teaching his wife and two daughters now and they to will be baptised soon in december sometime. :) way cool!! also this week we got two new investigators two children of member familiesthat are getting baptized on the 26 of december!!!! way exciting! how cool to follow Christ's example right after his birthday! man the work has really picked up! well then on friday i got the oppurtunity to go see the GEORGIAN DANCERS!!! they are the most respected position inall of Georgia. more respected then the president. a Georgian danceris what every little kids dreams of being lol they are totally AWESOME!!! they fly across the stage and jump over ten feet in the air and fight with really sharp swords faster then you can blink and throw knives around!! way cool! they have dances and dancers from all parts of georgia and the mountain people are the ones that do all the swordand knive tricks and jump ten feet in the air.

well we have a member who is the offical translator for the church here and she is from the mountains, well i talked here into adopting me into here ancestory so now i am part Georgia!!!! way cool! my ansestors come from the mountains of Georgia and are way cool!! well then this week we have Elder SWITZER from the 70 coming to Georgia! we have zone conference monday to wednesday and then he comes thursday and is having a fireside for every one! way cool! i also get to have a one on one interview with him!! way cool! i am excited! man the work is good and GEORGIA IS THE BEST!!! i have changed so much in the little time of being here and i hope i will contine to change.


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