Monday, May 16, 2011

some random pictures...

here are some random pictures of my last few weeks!

this is a members's son(non member) giving me a hair cut

little dato doing georgian dancing

zone conference

me and my investigator family at a branch party with other missionaries

baptism of roman

have a great week, i love you all!!!!
Elder SDJ

Hello from GEORGIA!

May 16, 2011


well this last week was good! i got a calling in the branch.......... i am the translator for Georgian. i translate sacrament meeting into Georgian from Russian and English. so that is a crazy calling!!! it is tough cuz you never know what they are going to say and what stories they will share ha ha ha ha but i like it a lot! i will do it till i leave and maybe after i leave ha ha ha ha the branch is going well. we are getting out more callings and responsibility. things are coming together!

well we did not have any investigators at church today but we did get 3 in-actives to come back and enjoy it! they liked it combined and said they will come back. the cool thing is that they are all priesthood holders. we are getting them active again and restoring the right to use the priesthood. it is good!!!!

this week we had a good zone conference. kinda weird, i was the only one that did not speak out of our group ha ha ha ha my group is the oldest in the mission now and everyone spoke but me.......... what is up with that!!!!! we will see if we have another one before i leave..... maybe not......... it was good to have the armenian elders up here with us and to hang out with them. we had some fun!

so the work is going good. found a new family, just married with a 6 month girl. this guy is an old fried from beggining of mission and just met him again. now that i know the language i can actually talk to him and teach him ha ha ha not like when we first met i only knew 3 words ha ha ha i have seen the hand of God in learning this language!

so things are going good out here in the outskirts of town with the cows!!! HOME SWEET HOME!!!!!!!!!!!


Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy May!

I'm sure Mom is so excited to talk to her son this week! I know i'm jealous i'm going to miss it!!

May 2, 2011
WHAT IS UP PEOPLE!!!??  how was your Easter and your week?  i hope
that is was a good one and that the whether was nice for you all!!!!
well the whether is good here, starting to warm up.  April is gone and
that means so is the rain!!  here it rains the whole month of April
with no seeing of the sun!!!  kinda sad, but glad that may is here and
the sun is out for now and it is a happy day!!!
trust God, not just believe Him.  that is the difference right there.
you must trust Him as well as believe Him.  that is how we get through
the hard times without losing faith and that is how we learn from our
trials and grow closer to HIM!!!!

well this week was a monumental week for Georgia!!!  we combined the
branches together and from one big branch!!!!  we finally have a full
presidency with a secretary and financial clerks!!  it is awesome!!!!!
 so there is now one branch in Georgia and we now have about 60
members in attendance!!! we only need like 15 more members and then we
can get a building of our own and not rent!!!!   that would be
awesome!!!!  we have now a group of priesthood and relief society!  so
this move was a really good one!!!  the best part is that the members
are cool with the move and like it!!!  also that we lost our wel-fare
members and so no more gossip and problems building up about getting
money!!!!  we have a strong support system now, with the members being
together and now we can start bringing investigators to church!!!
that is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had some good meetings with some investigators this week, we have
been working with this part member family and trying to get the father
and son to come....  they love us and love what we teach but just
don't have much drive to change... it is sad to see that they don't
have this drive to accept it but i know that someday they will and
when that day comes, Satan himself will be able to do nothing to stop
them... just pray that day comes while i am still here.....
we met also this week with a referral family from a member and they
came to the get-together party we had with president and his wife....
we played some games and one game, you had to introduce your self and
so when it came for the wife's turn (only her and her 2 kids came,
father was working) she stood up and said "i am not a member of this
church but i love god and want to be with him and i little about her
family"... well before she could even get back to her seat, like 6
members jumped out of their seats and raced over and started talking
to her and about the church.... i was stunned!!! i could not speak!!!!
 a week ago i could not get one member to even say hi to my
investigator and now the members are pretty much attacking them with
kindness and friendship!!!  well now i got an appointment with this
family every night this week and the family wants me to bring each of
the 6 members a different night!!!  like talk about hand of God!!!
so happy mother's day to all you mothers and future mothers!!!  you
are the best!!!!
here is a cool poem that was shared to me by my best friend!!!

Last week I fought a dragon strong
And climbed a castle wall
Too bad I fell down from the roof
Mom's flowers broke my fall.

Yesterday I sailed to sea,
With pirates at attack
Too bad the tub was just too small
To keep the ocean back.

Today I launched  a rocket to the moon  for Mom to see
To bad the wheel came flying off
and so I skinned my knee

But mom was there to pick me up
and make me feel alright
she sent me out to save the world
And tied my cape on tight.

someday I'll grow up and fly away
Little doesn't last for long
But when I am big I won't forget
Superman needs his mom.


An Easter to remember

April 25, 2011
what is up!!!?  how is it there back with all of you?

well this was an easter that is going in the books!!!!  the easter
that i will alwasy remember!  it started off not looking good.  at
about 10 to noon and NO ONE AT CHURCH EXCEPT 4 MISSIONARIES, you start
thinking what is up?!  so we got everything together and us
missionaries were going to do our own little sacrament meeting.  at 2
to noon, the branch president came and so we really could start now.
we waited until 20 after and by that time we had 30 members at
church!!!  they came after all!!!  again i translated from georgian to
english.  President Hyke gave the best talk i have ever heard in my
life.  the one that hit me so hard in the heart and soul in my entire
life!  he spoke about how the georgian patriarch got on TV and told
the georgian people not to meet with the other religions like the
mormons, the baptist, the JWs, the evangelists, etc.... because they
are here to take away their belief in Christ...... B. President Hyke
then said that what the patriarch doesn't know is that here in the
church of Jesus Christ, we are praying for this man!!!!!  we are
praying that this man will lead his follwers right and bring them to
the truth!!!  B.P. Hyke then went on about how we as followers of
Christ need to show love to these kinds of people that say these
things about us....  how the thing we want to chage in georgia is how
people show their love and how they act as a follower of Christ.  he
went on to give examples from Christ's life that i didn't even think
about as acts of love.  he spoke about coming together and becoming
one in Christ and becoming the body of CHrist in which He can do His
work in this land!  and more things did he say that i wont write but
the tryth has been said and the spirit was there!!!
then sunday night we went to the senior couples house for dinner and
there we read the account of Christ coming to america after the
ressurection.  we re-acted it and had to wonder around in the dark
with blind folds and try to find our family (cholcolate eggs) while
crawling around the apartment... i got stuck under one of the table
legs and nearly knocked the table over over ha ha ha ha  then the
darkness was taken from our eys and lightness came back and then with
all our family at the temple (couch)  we listened to the saviors words
and teachings from the scriptures....  ya know i have read that story
many times but when we read it this time and lived it, it meant so
much more and brought a whole new spirit to me.  :)
the church is so true and the gospel is the way and perfect; but the
people on the way and in the church are not perfect.  people don't
realize this.  the church is not for perfect people, it is for the
imperfect people to help them become perfect!!!  so get your head in
the game and get on the path and move forward to the end goal helping
those on the path and those not on the path and keep moving.  we are
not on this path and in this life for other people... we are here for
ourselves and to show GOD we want what He has...  we are doing this
all to be with HIM in the end.  no earthy reward along the way is
better thn what we can have in the end of the road!!!

other things that happened this week:  the decsion has been made and
we are combining the 2 branches here and making one branch.  both have
been struggling on their own so we are combining them back together
and hoping to start off right this time strenghtening it and getting a
solid foundation before we branch out again... this will be
interesting but it is a good move.  we will finally have it in the
georgian langauge and for those that want russian, translated for
them.   this will be good.

Christ did rise from the grave and is alive in the perfect flesh
today!  He loves us and He cares for us. He knows us personally and He
knows our pain and trials.  He conquerred the hardest of all things
and because of Him doing that we too can and will conquer all



Happy Easter!

April 18, 2011
HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


იგი  აღსდგა!!!

have a good one!!!


HEY from Georgia!

Scott got accepted to Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA this week, we're so proud of him! (and thanks to mom who applied for him!) Hopefully when he gets home, he'll be able to achieve his dreams and play water polo there!

April 18, 2011
HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!
well this week was a good wet (rainy all week) and
exciting week!!!!! first off it started not looking good....then on tuesday
we had a really geat meeting with our amazing investigator!!! we went
over everthing and bore testimony that this was true and then on
wednesday we had a baptismal interview; by the way i was my
companion's b-day on wednesday so that was a great day!!! we
celebrated it with a baptism interview and then that night went to an
american families house and celebrated it with them with reall food
and cake!!!! it was good!!!
   then thursday we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roman ishchuk age
25 was baptizeed elder hartley my comp and i confirmed him right there
at the waters edge. he was going to ukraine for work on saturday so
this one was a rushed one..... i translated the service because the
senior couple conducted it, as well as lead the music and spoke on the
holy ghost. so i spoke straight georgian for 1 and half hours
striaght!! i did the confirmation in georgian as well, that was he
first time i have done that.... the service was by far the most
spiritual one i have attended here. i have never seen a man so
prepared for this in my entire life. i have learned more from him then
i think i taught or he learned from me. what an amazing experience
that is going in the books!!!! now we are going for the mom...........
then i think that we got a little to excited because after the rest of
the week was bombed!!! we had a crazy meeting with some really less
actives and found out that they are planning something to take over
leadership in the church... found out that the reason they were and
are coming was so they could be leader and then influence others to
thier ways... so that was not fun... i will be glad when i do not have
to worry about others salvation like this... i love missinary work but
this is something totally different!!! this is riot police!!! where is
my beater stick and sheild?
so sunday was alright... no investigators and few members there, we
watched another session of conference but missed most of it all doing
this and that with president and with technical stuff... i thought
sunday was a day of rest not work? translating and and helping do
finacial reports and membership papes is that ok on the sabbath? it
takes a long time to do and takes you away from the meetings and
conference. this week i translated sacrament into english from
georgian. our regular translator was not there and so president spke
in geogian and i translated for the american family(here for work) and
the senior couple. pretty cool!!! it really is a big pessure though,
talk about the hot seat ha ha ha BRING IT ON!!!! thn sunday night a
member frm avlabari took us to a friends house and we taught them, the
are famers and live out from the city and have their own flocks and
herds. they were way cool and way nice!! interested and will read the
book of mormon. i want to go out some time and do some farm work with
them.... that would be cool!! they gae us some eggs straight from the
chickens and this morning we ate them!! pretty good!!!!
hope you week is good and that you help one of God's children this week!!!
BE SAFE!!!!!!!!



We're glad Scott got to enjoy a bit of Conference- he's so close to coming home, we can hardly stand it! Only 4 months from today!

April 11, 2011
well this week went by like any other week.... one day at a time!!! HA
HA HA  not much happened this week.  the weather is playing games with
us and so that is the high-lite of it all.  we don't know what it will
be like when we wake up and by afternoon it is changed again!!!
so this week we watched the first session of
Russian!!! ha ha ha ha  it wasn't to bad. understood some but not a
lot HA HA HA HA so after "church" me and my comp stayed later and got
on the computer and watched the same session in English... my Russian
understanding was close... so far some good talks!   i really liked
the gonzalies guy; and what he said.  he came out and said "any one
that is not a member and is watching this needs to be baptized and be
confirmed a member, it is the only way.." it was good cuz i had 2
investigators at church who heard that and now are more serious about
this and when we meet.  they are feeling it!!!
this week we have a baptism planned for saturday!!  he is a young kid.
25 and form ukraine!  he is here visiting his mom and will return soon
back to kiyev but wants to do this now cuz he doesn't know what will
happened later in life and if he will get this chance again.....  he
is ready and loves this gospel!!!  when we teach him, you can just SEE
and FEEL the Holy Ghost testifying to him and touching his heart!  it
is pretty cool!!
we had some great meetings with some members this week.  we are
meeting with this part-member family a lot.  the mom and daughter are
members but the father and son are not.  so we go see them and have
some good meetings with the family.  the daughter has had some real
bad health problems in the past little bit and had some rough
challenges.  it is so cool to see how the atonement has helped this
mother and daughter and family as a whole.  they are the oldest
members in georgia and still the strongest!!!  God bless them!!!
so that is the update for the week. not a lot a i know but it is it.
 BE SAFE AND HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain Rain Rain!

April 4, 2011
so this week was ok.....
did not get a lot of missionary work done.  we had 7 meetings the
whole week and 5 were with members.  President Carter came up this
week and so i was is meetings with him all week and with both branch
presidents and the other 3 senior missionaries.  we are having a hard
time right now with members coming for the right reason and not for
help from the church.  it is really bad. a lot of members have gotten
offended and stopped coming and others only come cause they are
getting help.  it is bad.  yesterday we had 5 when church started and
then went up to 8 members, not including missionaries.   so we spent
the week in meetings about how to fix it and how to get members coming
again for the right reason!!!! it is tough!!!!
GOOD NEWS!!!!  iza got here visa this week and left on her mission to
Scotland!!!! that was exciting!!!  she has been delayed 4 months
because of not having a visa so it was a joy to see her get it and go
out into the field finally!!!
our senior couple that has been here with us since we
were here left this week!!!  it was sad to see them go.  we will
surely miss them.  they came over with my group and so we were way
tight! sad to say good bye.....
so the weather is bad like usual ha ha ha april came in raining
raining raining.  last year april rained the whole month non stop. so
far it is the same.  have not seen the sun for a week now and wont for
another 3 weeks...

New New New!

March 28, 2011
well well well,
so this week was a long one... it went by way slow for some reason.....
well it started off with a transfer and i moving from the center of
the city to the outskirts and with the cows ha ha ha ha seriously
where i live the cows roam freely and eat what ever....  i will get
some pictures to show you....  it takes us a good 45 minutes on the
metro to get from our house to the church and again the same time
back....  we have the biggest area of the 4 in the city.
so me and elder Hartley are senior missionaries in the mission and
together we are!!!  man, is it fun!!  we try and talk in georgian a
lot between us two cuz we have been out the same time so we can pretty
much understand each other so that is fun!  the language is good, we
both switch off translating for senior couples and members, we both
know it well!!! it is great!!! also we get up at 6 every morning(YES I
GET UP @ 6!!!!) CRAZY!! and go running, YES running!!!  i do run now!
then we get home at 630 and do a pounding work out with weights and
other stuff.... he is getting ready to wrestle at BSU(Boise state)
when he gets home and i am getting ready to play water polo when i get
home....  so we are bulking up!!  we eat soooo much!!!!  like 12 eggs
for breakfast and a kilo of potatoes for dinner!!!  pounding it!!!  we
are getting big!!  so much fun!!
so the work right now is ok....  this last week we had some good
meetings and work that we did.  but now it is slow.  our 2 main
investigators left for some time.. one went skiing in the mountains
and told us that while he is there will spend some time in the woods
praying and seeking an answer if this is really tree..... i don't know
but the best answer to a prayer that i know  happened in the woods, so
we were down for that one!!!!  the second one went to her village to
spend time out of the city and away from family and friends.... she
wanted time to think and to find out if it is true and what she needs
to do if it is, whether to do it alone with out family or not join...
it is not the wood situation but it is close and we will take it as
well!!!  so this next week we are focusing more on getting our name
out more then anything.  we are making a "billion" copies of the
living Christ in Georgian with our information and then going to go to
the metros and just hand them out like crazy!!!  people here know the
JWs, the baptist, the catholics, the Muslims.... but no one knows the
"Mormons"...  so we are getting the word out that we are here and what
we got!  it will be an adventure!!  Also we are doing major changes
with the way we work with the members.  we have found that the best
investigators come from members and so we are going to really be
picking it up with them on that and building them up...  things in the
branches are really struggling right now...  me and my companion,
being senior missionaries have really deep ties with so many members
that the other missionaries don't have...  and with us in the same
branch the other branch is not helping out so much with the
missionaries...  so we are doing some work with others out of our area
and with members of both branches....    doing a lot of work with the
branch presidents as well cuz they pretty much only trust us two and
so we are working with them to get things moving and helping them out!
 it is going to be really hard for the work when we leave cuz the
other missionaries aren't close with the people here.....  heaven
couple that has been here with us the whole time in Georgia since the
beginning is going home this week.....  it is going to suck... :( they
really do some good work here and who knows what we will do with out
them.............  we have a new couple that has been here for 2 weeks
now and they are great and way cool but the Southwicks are our buddies
and we are just tight with them!!  they came over with us, and it will
be sad to depart.  so a lot of changes in so little time.  but change
is necessary and it will happen if we like it or not, so might as well
like it!!
well the work is good and i am doing great!!!  this is truly the best
time of my life and the most happyest and the most tiring time as
well.   so everyone back home, go out and do some missionary work!
share what you know and don't fear!!!  be safe though!!!  have a good
week and have fun watching conference!  i wont get to till like 2
weeks late....  hope it is a good one!!!
1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

A Week of Change

Scott has been transfered! He's sad to leave his primary calling, but he'll do wonderfully in his new area as well, we just know it!

March 21, 2011
so this week, we had a good one.  we had 3 investigators at church
which is was a lot for us.  also we had like 40 members as well so
there was a really big turn out this week!!!  it was great!!!!  we had
4 complete families there and that i have not seen for a long time!!!
it was a sunday to remember.  well i did not speak this week.  in
speak the senior couple going home in 2 weeks spoke.  but some good
news for the week was i got made primary teacher!!!!!  the primary
program is struggling so to help it out the branch president and
senior couple asked me to teach primary and help the mom that is there
with the kids!!!  so i have spent last 2 weeks in the primary and
playing with the kids all day ha ha ha BEST CALLING I HAVE EVER HAD!!!

well news of the day!  so president called and we have transfers!!
after 5 months in rustaveli area i am getting move to Gldani with
elder hartley (from my group)  we served together in saburtalo while
my ankle was bad and so together we are.    we have the biggest area
of the 4 and live the farthest out.  it is like we live in a another
city ha ha ha ha  i have to ride the metro 45 min. to get from the
church to my house.  pretty far!!  so yesterday was my last day in
avlabari branch and in the primary there.  i just got the best calling
ever and now i got the move....  OH WELL!!!  so things are good.  had
some great meetings with our investigators and said some pretty crazy
stuff.  i told one right out of the blue that she was chosen by God to
hear his gospel at this time and that meant that she would find the
truth here.... she was blown away and is really progressing and right
now waiting for that answer to come from above...  it will come!!!

so this week was a good one!  we had an institute party and had a good
turn out for that.  the youth are doing so good and i like spending
time with them and helping them out...  they are the future of

so new changes this week and new look on the future!!!


Rise and Rise again...

March 14, 2011
so this week was a crazy one!!!! we had zone conference so we were
going to go to armenia!! so it was going to be a good trip....  well
my companion lost his passport and due to that we were not able to go
down with everyone else...  so we stayed behind in georgia and did
some searching.... no luck.  it was sad to miss the zone conference
since it has been 5 months from the last one. and it will be another 3
to 4 months till we have one again.... i really love those meetings
and it is a bummer that we missed it...
so good news we did find some really old less-active members this week
and they came to church this week.  it was good to see that when they
came, members welcomed them back and made them feel at home again.
also we had an old investigator show randomly at church this week and
asked when we would start teaching him.  that was cool!!!  he even
asked if we would have warm water at his baptism LOL  HEY, this week
we did have a baptism in our branch from the other set of elders. the
guy wanted to do it in a river like Christ so we went out to a village
and did that in a really dirty, cold river but the guy wanted it so it
was done!!!  really cool!  he will be a strong member and good help to
the church!
there is a saying that, Christ started off towards the 'hill of the
skull' where we would die.  He started carrying His cross down the
path that lead to the hill.  He struggled and slipped, He went as far
as He could and then when He could go no more, HIS burden was lifted
and taken by someone else and carried the rest of the way.  Christ
still had to go to the hill. He still had to walk to the hill even
after His burden was taken.  and so when he says take up your cross
and follow me; He is telling us that we must first start the trip to
the hill(kingdom of God)  we have to pick up our burden and start down
the path.  yes we will slip and struggle but when we get to that point
where we have gone as far as we possibly can go, it will not be all
the way,  that is when our burden will be lifted and carried by
another, Jesus Christ. but we still have to go dawn the path to the
end, even after our burden is taken from us we have to go to the
end!!!  There was one to take the burden Christ bore on His path, and
if He being the Son of God had help, then certainly we will have help
on our path.  The Son of God had help in his life, even if it was
physical help; and so shall we too have help in our lives and not just
physical help but spiritual help that will raise us from the darkest
pits of life.
Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions

A good week

March 7, 2011
so this week was a good week with my birthday and all.  we saw the
hand of the Lord in many ways :)
so monday:  we had a very good meeting with a in-active. we have been
visiting here for a long time with no progress.  but this week, i
asked here about her conversion and testimony and it was so amazing to
see how she turned around and opened up to us.  our best meeting with
her, and we made more progress with her in one meeting then we have in
2 months of teaching here principles.....
Tuesday:  (my birthday)  we went and had a good lunch appointment with
one of our investigators. her name is "T".  (went to her restaurant
where she works for lunch)  got in a little bit of teaching and made
an appointment for the next day.  went tracting and got in 1 door. the
lady listened to us and accepted our message.
Wednesday:  great meeting with T. girl from restaurant...  senior
couple came with us and the whole meeting was guided by the spirit.
invited her to be baptized, when she found out this was true; kinda
got a little scared and said don't know. felt really good to invite
someone to be baptized. have not done that in a long time.  still has
a desire to learn and you can see and feel the spirit working on her.
also had another meeting with a new kid. our first meeting with him
and we invited him to be baptized when he found out it was true. did
not except but still will meet with us and has desire to learn.  we
will work with him.  went to a members house and first half of our
lesson i played with their 2 kids (9 and 4).  really had some fun there
:)  then talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is the
only way and how to share it.  we have been trying to get them to
share the gospel with family and friends for ages now.... well this
week they told us how they thought of someone to share it with :) that
was a blessing to hear that.
thursday:  had another meeting with T and things went well, she asks
questions that pertain to what we are talking about and what is
important.  went really well. 
Saturday:  went tracting again and got into 1 door.  lady was nice and
listen and read what we asked her to read.  friendly and willy to act.
 went to the "restaurant" with the senior couple because they wanted
to try new food :)  T was working and talked with her about coming to
church.  told us that she had to work the next day.  kinda sad. all
our work during the week teaching her and she couldn't come to church.
 then went and saw a member family and learned of their conversion
story and how we can help others have the same.
Sunday:  well at about 5 minutes to... T walked in the church. i asked
her how she came and she said that she asked her boss if she could
have some time off to go to church and her boss said yes and she
came!!!!  also our other investigator who we invited to be baptized
earlier came!  so we had 2 at church and the best part was all the
testimonies were about how to find truth and the power of it :)  they
both felt the spirit :)
the work is turning around one by one :)
hope you week is going well and that you are all safe!!! :) :) :)
Love, Elder Johnson

Happy Birthday Dewey!

Wishing you the best 21st birthday EVER, Scottie!!!! Hope you get all our packages and that the elders and members in Georgia spoil you cause you deserve it! We love you MUCHO!!!

February 28, 2011
so not a lot of time today.... i got things to do to get ready for my
birthday tomorrow...... i will be 21!!!! man, i am old HA HA HA HA
i am doing good and love it here!!! things are looking to improve and
my spirits are high now!!!  keep it real and help some one in need
this week for my birthday HA HA HA HA  and then tell me about it next
week!!!!! ;)
it is cold here, snowing but not sticking, kinda sad. i want snow to
stick and stay!!!!
gave a good talk again in church yesterday, 4th week in a row!!!  i
always get called on the spot like 5 mins. before, i am
getting better at this speaking and bearing testimony :)  this week
just bore my testimony and talked about how i have seen the gospel
change my life, the lives of friends back home, and in georgia!!!  it
was really good!!!   i don't think i will get called to speak next
week just cuz it will be fast sunday....... maybe though, things are
different here in georgia.......
so be safe all of you and party it up on the 1st for me HA HA HA HA HA
life is an adventure.... it is all on us to make it happen. :)
words of the living Prophet Thomas Monson:
Stick to your task till it sticks to you.
Beginners are many, but ender's are few.
Honor, power, place and praise
Will always come to the one who stays.
Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it, too—
For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
Will come life’s victories after awhile.
so make your life what you want. embrace the gospel and share the truth :)

It snowed!

February 21, 2011
Well so this week was a sad one!!!!!
we had 4 missionaries leave and 2 come......   so we again are back
down to 8 missionaries in the country.  good news we got a new senior
couple this week as well but the old senior couple leaves in a month
so we will be down to just 1 again soon.....
so 3 missionaries finished their mission and left home to family and
friends.  but with only 2 coming, that made it so we were an odd
number in georgia, 9 missionaries.  so in order to make things work
out, a 4th missionary left georgia to serve in armenia so that we
would have an even number.  so we said good bye to 4 missionaries and
hello to 2 new ones.  it was sad to say good-bye, because we have been
through so much together and because those were our trainers and
fathers.  we do not know when the 4th elder will come back to georgia,
he will serve there until we get one more elder to come up.....
the new guys are good, i like them.  they know the language alright
and really ready to do the work!!!  so with the changes me and Elder
bennett are still together in the same area and will be like this for
a while.  our 2 zone leaders got split and they are training so
everything else is the same.
it is still cold and now just rainy, on sunday we got a good 3 inches,
but then it rained and it vanished.  so sunday i was excited but now i
am sad cuz it all left.   so i am guessing it will be wet and rainy
for the next little bit.
so things are the same but not!!!!!
well not much else happened.  the work was really slow this week and
not much we got done in the work, sad to say.    well i am doing good,
things are quiet here and not much going on....

THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saying Goodbye...

February 21, 2011
this week, some new elders came and some old elders left..
it was rough saying goodbye, i'm not a fan.

this is me with the old departed elders :(  it was really cold that
day so i was wearing a hat but took it off for some of the pictures and so i
have bad hair style.  man, i miss them. it was hard to
say good-bye, they are my brothers and it was hard to watch them
leave........  i hate good-byes!!!!


More Miracles

February 14, 2010
so the miracle this week that we saw started on tuesday.  after a
great district meeting, we went out for a district lunch for Elder
Lucas' last one.  we went to the place we always go and this time we
had a new girl (her name is Tata) as our waitress.  she was nice and
gave us free drinks on the house.  so sitting there with 3 other
boys our natural instincts kicked in, thinking we were studs and
thinking we could get this girl; we decided to leave our number on a
business card for the girl as a joke..... just like before the mission
hanging with the guys... ya know.... well she calls us like 2 hours
after we left asking why we left her our number, and also telling us
that her co-workers told her that we taught english and she was
interested.... well my companion had the phone and very nervously and
sweating explained that we only taught about Christ and what our
purpose was. well she was nice and told him to call her in 2 days to
meet......  my companion freaking out because he thought he had just
established a "date" with her... so in 2 days we call and arrange the
meeting.  at this time i am on exchanges with elder Steele.  my
companion and Lucas were going to meet her.... well at the last minute
they cancel and we had to meet her.  so we meet her at the metro and
walk her to the church. Elguja was there doing some work and what
not.....  we showed her around the building and explained our purpose
again to her more fully.  we watched finding faith in Christ with her.
she did not know a lot of what happened in the movie and we showed her in the bible the
things that happened and she was so surprised.  after that we talked
about the apostasy and led into the restoration and invited her back
to watch the restoration.  she accepted.   we also showed her the
baptism font because we had a baptism the next day and talked about
baptism with her, ON THE FIRST LESSON. it was really good.  she took
some talks of the prophets and apostles to read and thanked us.  it
was a smooth meeting and it went really well!!!!  so being yourself
really works out in the Lord's favor sometimes, but be careful when it
involves the ladies.... HA HA HA

so that was our great story for that week! this next week brings in
lots of changes!!!  with old elders leaving and new ones coming and
only 3 days away and still don't know what is going to happen..... it
is all in HIS hands.
YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)  GOD BLESSED US! :)
so the work is better and i am enjoying it more cause we had a good week!!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!(worst holiday ever!)

A good week!

Miracles are happening in Georgia! haha we love how excited Scott gets when people listen to his message.

February 7, 2011
well the week was a good one.  we had some miracles happen this week.
so on friday was the day to remember.  we started tracting and and the
first entrance way (which is about 24 apartments) no one received us.
so we went to the second entrance and the 1st door we locked on the
guy let us in and listen and accepted our message and our commitments
to learn more and to read the Book of Mormon.  it was such a great
meeting, he wanted to learn more and have his family learn more.  a
little side note; he even made room for the Book of Mormon in his
shrine of khaties(pictures they pray to) and candles because it was
the word of god.  POUND IT!!!!
so the next floor of apartments we knock on the last door and an older
guy with his wife invite us in and listens as the first guy and
accepts the invitation to learn more and to read.  just like the first
meeting everything went well.  POUND IT!!!!
then we go down 2 floors with no answer from people and on the 3 floor
another guy and his wife and just like the other 2 meeting everything
went well and by the Spirit.  so that was great!!!!  then we go down
to the last floor and the last apartment and again it is a guy who
lets us in because "we had smiles on our faces and looked like we had
something to share with the world" he said.  turned out he was athiest
but still listened to us and was nice and took a pamphlet about God
and said he would read it.  so in ONE DAY we got 4 meetings; and 5 new
investigators!!!!!! what a blessing of the LORD!
also this week me and my companion set a new record!  we have
officially gone 10 weeks with no investigators at church!  that takes
some hard work to pull off!  IT SUCKS!!!!!  despite the
hard work and the miracles, at the end of the week it comes down to no
one coming to church...... sad :(
while reading in the Book of Mormon and marking the parts where ever
it talks about Christ is so great. just seeing how many times it talks
of Him, strengths my testimony of this book and really shows the
importance of it!!!  if people would just read it............
well these next few weeks will bring some changes......  with old
elders leaving on the 18th and new ones coming in, it is going to be
good and a switch up :)

well i love you all and hope all is good!!!!!
HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

New year, new area

It's hard work whitewashing an area! Scott keeps us updated on their gradual progress...

January 24, 2011
well this week not much happened.....
we did do a lot of tracking (knocking on doors) and this week people
chose not to accept our message.  we spend 7 1/2 hours on friday (all
day) knocking doors and we didn't get one meeting.  we did give out
one book of Mormon, we knocked on about
108 doors in one day.  that is a lot.  it was a very tiring day.
Saturday we had a priesthood activity, where we had a BBQ and played
ping-pong.  that was really nice. got to build better and more
relationships with the preisthood of our branch.  they taught me how
to make georgian BBQ and talked about family and getting them to the
temple with theirs.  it was a great meeting.  from now on, i call them
all 'UNCLE' ha ha ha ha just cuz we are close.
     Sunday was another bad day for me. we had again no investigators
at church for 8 weeks in a row...... i was very depressed about it and
then a member, Liana, told me that it was ok because there was 41
members at church and most from my area so i needed to cheer up....  i
call her 'Mom' which is DEDA in georgian cuz she is my mom away from
home, but she always corrects me and says that she is my 'Aunt' which
is DEIDA in georgian. she tells me that she can not take the role of
my mother because then she would be stealing a gift from God and that
is a big sin, but she still calls me her child.
she stole my missionary shoes from me this week beacuse they were in
terrible shape. i was literally walking on nothing, i had worn the sole
down so much. well she took them and got them fixed and the guy she
took them too literllay took a sole off a army boot and glued it on to
my sunday shoes HA HA HA HA so now i truck around in army dress shoes
HA HA HA pretty solid HA HA HA HA
   so work is good. i guess the thing that is improving is the
relationships with members. that is good. but hard when you don't have
investigators to work with.  ALL IN THE LORD'S TIME............
so be safe this week and have a good one!!!!!!


News from Georgia

January 10, 2011
well sorry that it has been a while since i have sent you mail.  we
did not have a p-day last week because we used to many for the
holidays......  so i will write you today and let you know what has
so new years was great!!!  we got to gether with all the missionaries
(10) in one apartment and just hung out, because we were not allowed
outside, so we ate lots of food, watched some
church movies, the Nativity, errand of angels,  walking across egypt.
so it was not to bad....;  there was fireworks up the wazoo!!!! and so
much noise!!!!  what a new years it was!!!!  i really enjoyed it!!!
next we had another branch christmas party for the other branch here
and we re-enacted the Nativity story as written in the bible. i got to
play the part of a wise man. the same as last year. so that was really
fun!  then we hads lots of food and games and just a big party!!!!!
so what a time it was!!!

well it was Christmas here on the 7th, in georgia they are on the "old
calendar" and so it is on the 7th. so we got to celebrate again with
the members and do it the georgian way..............FOOD!!!!!!!!!!
when georgians have a party, it really means FEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more food then we have on thanksgiving day!!!!  needless to say i am
fat!! HA HA HA HA  i like their style of parties!!!

well this week my area got white washed, meaning that they changed the
missionaries in the area that don't know the area.  the zone leaders
moved into our area, so we had to divide it up and neither one of them
know the area and me and my companion only know half cuz that is where
we have been doing all our work. well we got the half that we don't
know and they got the other half that the don't know at all..... so it
is a interesting change.......  we will see how it goes....

i am doing good and having fun!!! i love it here!!!!

be safe all of you and have a good week!!!!!!