Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy May!

I'm sure Mom is so excited to talk to her son this week! I know i'm jealous i'm going to miss it!!

May 2, 2011
WHAT IS UP PEOPLE!!!??  how was your Easter and your week?  i hope
that is was a good one and that the whether was nice for you all!!!!
well the whether is good here, starting to warm up.  April is gone and
that means so is the rain!!  here it rains the whole month of April
with no seeing of the sun!!!  kinda sad, but glad that may is here and
the sun is out for now and it is a happy day!!!
trust God, not just believe Him.  that is the difference right there.
you must trust Him as well as believe Him.  that is how we get through
the hard times without losing faith and that is how we learn from our
trials and grow closer to HIM!!!!

well this week was a monumental week for Georgia!!!  we combined the
branches together and from one big branch!!!!  we finally have a full
presidency with a secretary and financial clerks!!  it is awesome!!!!!
 so there is now one branch in Georgia and we now have about 60
members in attendance!!! we only need like 15 more members and then we
can get a building of our own and not rent!!!!   that would be
awesome!!!!  we have now a group of priesthood and relief society!  so
this move was a really good one!!!  the best part is that the members
are cool with the move and like it!!!  also that we lost our wel-fare
members and so no more gossip and problems building up about getting
money!!!!  we have a strong support system now, with the members being
together and now we can start bringing investigators to church!!!
that is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had some good meetings with some investigators this week, we have
been working with this part member family and trying to get the father
and son to come....  they love us and love what we teach but just
don't have much drive to change... it is sad to see that they don't
have this drive to accept it but i know that someday they will and
when that day comes, Satan himself will be able to do nothing to stop
them... just pray that day comes while i am still here.....
we met also this week with a referral family from a member and they
came to the get-together party we had with president and his wife....
we played some games and one game, you had to introduce your self and
so when it came for the wife's turn (only her and her 2 kids came,
father was working) she stood up and said "i am not a member of this
church but i love god and want to be with him and i little about her
family"... well before she could even get back to her seat, like 6
members jumped out of their seats and raced over and started talking
to her and about the church.... i was stunned!!! i could not speak!!!!
 a week ago i could not get one member to even say hi to my
investigator and now the members are pretty much attacking them with
kindness and friendship!!!  well now i got an appointment with this
family every night this week and the family wants me to bring each of
the 6 members a different night!!!  like talk about hand of God!!!
so happy mother's day to all you mothers and future mothers!!!  you
are the best!!!!
here is a cool poem that was shared to me by my best friend!!!

Last week I fought a dragon strong
And climbed a castle wall
Too bad I fell down from the roof
Mom's flowers broke my fall.

Yesterday I sailed to sea,
With pirates at attack
Too bad the tub was just too small
To keep the ocean back.

Today I launched  a rocket to the moon  for Mom to see
To bad the wheel came flying off
and so I skinned my knee

But mom was there to pick me up
and make me feel alright
she sent me out to save the world
And tied my cape on tight.

someday I'll grow up and fly away
Little doesn't last for long
But when I am big I won't forget
Superman needs his mom.


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