Wednesday, May 4, 2011

News from Georgia

January 10, 2011
well sorry that it has been a while since i have sent you mail.  we
did not have a p-day last week because we used to many for the
holidays......  so i will write you today and let you know what has
so new years was great!!!  we got to gether with all the missionaries
(10) in one apartment and just hung out, because we were not allowed
outside, so we ate lots of food, watched some
church movies, the Nativity, errand of angels,  walking across egypt.
so it was not to bad....;  there was fireworks up the wazoo!!!! and so
much noise!!!!  what a new years it was!!!!  i really enjoyed it!!!
next we had another branch christmas party for the other branch here
and we re-enacted the Nativity story as written in the bible. i got to
play the part of a wise man. the same as last year. so that was really
fun!  then we hads lots of food and games and just a big party!!!!!
so what a time it was!!!

well it was Christmas here on the 7th, in georgia they are on the "old
calendar" and so it is on the 7th. so we got to celebrate again with
the members and do it the georgian way..............FOOD!!!!!!!!!!
when georgians have a party, it really means FEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more food then we have on thanksgiving day!!!!  needless to say i am
fat!! HA HA HA HA  i like their style of parties!!!

well this week my area got white washed, meaning that they changed the
missionaries in the area that don't know the area.  the zone leaders
moved into our area, so we had to divide it up and neither one of them
know the area and me and my companion only know half cuz that is where
we have been doing all our work. well we got the half that we don't
know and they got the other half that the don't know at all..... so it
is a interesting change.......  we will see how it goes....

i am doing good and having fun!!! i love it here!!!!

be safe all of you and have a good week!!!!!!

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