Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy 2011!!

2011 is going to bring lots of great changes for Scott & Georgia, we are so excited about it all! We are also really excited that we will get to HUG our Scott this year!!!

December 31, 2010
so a lot has happened and a lot more is going to happen!!!

 first news is that we got permission to start translating of the book
of mormon in 2011.  so in February when they finish 'Preach my Gospel'
 they will then begin on the book of mormon!!! so in 3 years we will
have that and 2 1/2 years after that the 3 combination!!!!! so they
work of the Lord is moving forward!!!!!  it is so great!!!

so some crazy news for you..... 2 weeks ago there was some political
issues trying to be pushed by the government and there was some
opposing parties rallying against them.  so President Sakhashvili'
part went out and blew up the opposing parties building in the middle
of the night.   so even after years of claiming independence
they are still having huge political problems ha ha ha  there has also
been some big protesting going on but they stopped this last week for
the holidays.  why can't people just get along?

well CHRISTMAS was a great one!!!  we started our morning with talking
to our parents and that was so good!!!  what a gift from the
presidency that we can call home!!! i really enjoyed that!  they
looked good even though nate did not do his hair that morning (or
night)  after that we went out to this very fancy resturant that would
have cost us like 60$ a plate in America but here it cost is 25$!  so
that was really good!  then we went out laser tagging. then after that
we went out and walked down rustaveli ave. and watched the lights.  it
is the main street and it is so lite up with lights that you could
drive it with out head lights on your car at night time.  it was
amazing!  (note; i live on this street so i get to see it every
night!!!)  ;)  we also saw the lighting of the Christmas tree. every
year on Christmas night they light this huge tree. it is a big
tradition that they started since they are trying to become
westernized......  they had a huge light show, fireworks, and finally
they lite up the tree and every one went crazy!!! HA HA HA HA HA OH
WHAT A CHRISTMAS IT WAS!!!!!  i really enjoyed it and loved it!!!  it
was one to remember!  also it was my last one in Georgia! :(  can you
think about that! already 2 christmas are gone and soon i will be
home!!!!  blows my mind!!!!

well for new years is when georgia really party!!! everyone gets drunk
for the next week and FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!! that is the georgian way....
FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!!!!  so this next week will be hard.  everyone
on the streets drunk and everyone inviting us over to eat and then
want nothing more after that!!!  for new years we are going to one of
the elders apartments and going to stay inside and watch movies and
eat food!!! HA HA HA it will be good!!!

ALL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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