Monday, April 4, 2011


Happy as ever, Scottie got a new companion and area this week. He is excited to be back in a branch he served in several months ago. Also, he's coming up on his one year mark- crazy!

October 4, 2010
well this week more great things happened!!!! WE HAD TRANSFERRERS!!!!
(i cant spell)  So after 8 long months in Saburtalo i got
moved to Avlabari with Elder Zuniga from Gilbert Arizona. he has been
out about 10 months now total on his mission and he is still
struggling with the small stuff, so President moved me here to help
him learn that obedience is key to the Lord's work, so it is going to
be a fun time.
with the transfer i am in the other branch and also in the other
district so that is also a good change :)  new people to work with and
new members to be friend :)  it is going to be FUN!!!!  when i first
got into the country i was in this branch but have not been here for 8
months. so it is good to be here!  i like it!!!
we got 4 investigators already with a baptismal date so the work is
picking up!!! i am so excited! it has been a while since we had some
baptisms so it will be good to get some going here soon!!! maybe one
in 2 weeks!!!!  YAHOO!!!
no we didn't get to watch conference.  we will get to next week or
sometime later, cuz we have to get the translated version for our
members!  it is in russian and not in georgian yet!  ;(  oh well.  i
did get to see Elder Uchtdorf's talk and that was the best!!! i really
loved it!!!!  so can't wait to see more!!!
i did bear my testimony in sacrament meeting this past week and i
ended up saying that i know this church is 10% true instead of saying
100% true..... once i realized i said that we all started laughing HA
HA HA they got the idea. 
so this week we had a investigator who is really good friends with
Elder Holland. they met while he was here to dedicate the land for
missionary work. well he is also really good friends with Dorris
Platt, who was that one who got the church to be allowed to come
here... so she was there and i got to met her and we are having a
huge fire side for her to meet the members that she blessed.  she has
been doing humanitarian work here for 20 years and never seen the
members so i arranged for her to get that chance!!!  it is totally
so this week: new area, new people, new friends, new branch and new
desire!!!  I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!  this week on the 8th (friday) will be
my 1 year mark in the country of Georgia!!!! HOLY COW, TIME
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
                                                               KIA KAHA

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