Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As winter approaches...

Scott was called to be a District Leader this week! He and his companion are staying together for another transfer and the work is picking up!

November 15, 2010
Well another week in the field and another week of missionary work.
things are good.  this week we had transfers and me and my companion
are staying together for a little longer, and i was made District
Leader.  Yahoo for me! ha ha ha it just means that i have to call
other elders every night and make sure that they are home safe HA HA
HA not much.
so the whether is cold. with the day-light savings thing or with out
it (i don't know which we are on) but it gets dark at about 5 now and
we still have till 9 to work. so the work is hard because once it gets
dark the only ones out are those that you usually don't talk to...
but this week we found 6 people who are kinda interested and this week
we have plans to pick them up and teach them!!!
so it will be good! we made a mission goal to have 25 baptism
by the 25th of Dec. for a gift to the Savior.  so we are pounding for
this next week is THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! yahoo!!! THE DAY WE GET FAT FOR
FUN!!!!! I LOVE THAT DAY!!!!!  we are going to celebrate it with just
the missionaries since it is just an american holiday. we were going
to make the 2 elders from england and canada go out and work that day
but we decided to be nice and let them come eat with us.  we are
switching out p-day for thursday next week but i will still e-mail on
monday hopefully. :)   we are going to have a turkey bowl and just
have some fun that day!!!! it will be good!
so this week we sent out our 3RD missionary from the COUNTRY OF
GEORGIA!!!! he left on friday to london south and what a great joy
that was!!!!!  we have another one leaving in feb. and hope fully
another 2 in may..... the hope and future in georgia is in these young
missionaries when they return!!!  we are praying for them!!!!
so i love this land and i love these people!!!! there is no other
place like this!!! life is good here and the work is going good!
pray for those who the Lord is preparing to receive the truth!!!


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