Monday, July 11, 2011

One Week Left

One Week Left!
this last week i gave my farewell speech in sacrament meeting.  man i
am going to miss this place!!! i do not want to leave!
so this week was alright, starting saying good-bye to people and
members and man it sucks! :(  i can not imagine being somewhere like
america where you do this every 6 weeks.... but then again i don't
think that you really get to close to the members and people as if you
lived with them for 2 years.
well we have a double baptism lined up for the 19th!!!  they will get
baptized and then i will say good bye and head to armenia.....  so it
is going to be great to finish with a baptism and finish on top!!!
they are doing so well and it has been an amazing experience to see
them change their lives to the gospel and to see them come to know the
truth.  for one it is the hardest thing she will do, for she is a
catholic and works for the catholic church as a nurse and for her to
make this change could turn out bad, but she promise God that she
would do what He wanted and she has come to see and know that this is
it!  i have met her priest, he is ok man ha ha ha i think he will
understand when she tells him that she found the truth and is
following God ha ha ha if not then he isn't very Christlike ha ha ha
so things are good!  things are going well!   just hate the thought
that soon this will be over and i will be on the other things. i
really wish i could just stay here and live and be around these people
all the time. they have taught me so much, more then i have taught
them!  they are my family!  they are my brothers and sisters.  my
aunts and uncles, cousins and relatives.  this is my home!
so see you all soon and take care of others!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!!

July 4, 2011
Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Johnson

one of our members works in a real nice hotel and we got a tour of the
"President Suite"  i am living the high life ha ha ha ha

this is our adventure to uplis cuxe or "the lord's prison" it was super fun!
also this sign is on everyones kitchen wall and if you look at the brown bag, it
says "Johnsons" backwards! 
love ya!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

the clock is ticking

Scott's been busy busy busy on his last month so his emails are getting shorter and shorter, but we don't mind because it means he is working hard and loving it.

June 27, 2011
things with me are going well.  real busy and lots to do ha ha ha ha  time
is ticking and got to beat the clock :)  so life is good and hope that
things with you are good!!!
take care this week and have a good one! share the gospel or help someone
out this week!!!!
Jesus is the Christ and He loves us!
Elder Johnson

Down to one last month!

June 20, 2011
so this week was a good one. President Carter came up and spent the
week in Georgia.  we had a special conference and that was good.  it
is always good to see people for the other country ha ha ha we don't
see the president very much or anyone from armenia. we are pretty cut
off here in georgia.  just on our own ha ha ha ha
well happy father's day to all you fathers!!!!!!!! hope it was a good one!  =)
well this week we had some good things happen!  we got 2 investigators
at church and both have committed to be baptized the week before i go
home!  so that was awesome!   they have finally gotten their answer
and know that this is true!  things are going good!
well the wheather is playing tricks again and is good and then bad...
you can never know ha ha ha ha ha
so take care all of you and have a good week!!!! LOVE YA!