Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another week...

September  27, 2010
so this week was another week of missionary work. we did some
knocking on the doors, talked to some people on the streets, taught
some lessons, called some poeple, and eat lots of food HA HA HA
nothing exctiting happened this week, but President did come to
Georgia and did apartment checks and ours was the cleanest and i even
baked him a cake!!! HA HA HA it was really good cake!!!  he loved as
well as my companion who ate half!! :)  i take good care of my comp

we are doing good, we have 2 baptismal dates in oct, both have to quit
smoking soon and come to church a few more times...  so things are
moving forward.  President gave a very good talk in sacrement meeting
for the members, and has committed them all to crack down and share
the gospel and to fulfill thier calling in the branch.  he is a good
so nothing excting happened this week. the work moves along and the
weather is still acting up- hot, cold, hot, cold, hot,
cold..... i like it better when it is cold :)

so hope you all have a good week and that you are all havin fun!!!  be
safe everyone!!!


September 2010 Pictures

A few more pictures from Sabaurtalo- that last one, Scott said, is what happens when your companion catches you sleeping in :)


A short email...

September 13, 2010
we are ninjas HA HA HA HA
things are good here!!!
Love, Superman

A Week in Pictures

This week, the Elders visited a beautiful library, an outdoor market, and helped an investigator clean out her attic. There they found piles of old newspapers dating all the way back to WWII.

A Good Week

September 6, 2010
well this week was a fast one.  our zone and disrtict leaders went to
armenis for the week for some training meetings so i was with Elder
Nelson for the week.  we worked half in his area and half in my area
since our areas are so close. pretty much like the same city HA HA HA
so i didn't get a lot of time to work with my friends (investigators)
(i call them friends so they seem more closely) but we did have 2 come
to church for sunday school. it was our miracle family couple!!!  they
were late for sacrement and just staid for sunday school cuz they left
their 8 month year old baby at home, but they like it and our branch
president met them and so did our other members.  also a really cool
things happened.......... WE HAD 5 PEOPLE (not including missionaries
and President hyke) IN SACREMENT MEETING!!!!!!!!!!!  that is a
record!!! HA HA HA HA how many did you have?  ya it was a great
experience! President hyke changed up sacrement a little bit.  so
after sacrement was passed and over we gathered in a circle and had a
testimony meeting with just our small group. President hyke had all of
us missionaries bear our testimony and then any members that wanted
too.  President Hyke really likes having us share our experiences and
our testimony.  so that was totally cool!  it felt like at a camp out
with the youth or like on a trek or somthing like that.  just gathered
around and bearing our testimonies.  great experience.  also we had a
baptism in the avlabari branch!!!!  so we had another "friend" come
unto christ. that was great!!!  so it was a great week!!!
well my companion is back and we are pumped up with new light and new
ideas and new ways to bring "friends" unto Christ!!  may He be with us
this week!!! ;)

so i hope that you week goes well  for you and that you are safe!!!
remember who you are and what you stand for!!!


Ukraine Temple Dedication

August 30, 2010
well this week was better than last week, although we did a
lot of the same stuff HA HA HA  so the high-lite of this week waas
that we got to watch the Ukraine temple dedication (LIVE) on sunday,
so  we did not have church service this week.  we were blessed by
being able to watch the Ukraine temple dedication by satelite.  so we
had the 3 sessions playing during the day!!!  man, it was great!!!  we
had lots of members come and it turned out so well!!! it was great for
the members to see it because that is where our members will be going
to the temple now....  GREAT!!! it is a blessing to all!!!  also the
Prophet was making jokes and being funny it was so good!!!  he was
like leading the chior all crazy, poking at the piano as the guy was
playing the prelude music, making jokes about his wife liking the way
he looked in his navy uniform, about him getting in trouble by
security by not telling them where he went one time. (all of this was
during his talk about the temple in the celestrial room),(President
Uctdorf and Elder Nelson were just laughing and smiling, as President
went about doing it all) and the funniest was at the culture event on
saturday night (that we got to see), he grabbed the translator guy
after he was done translating and put him in a head lock and gave him
a nuggie!!!!!!  he messed the guys hair up bad HA HA HA HA HA it was
FUNNY!!!! then on sunday the same guy translated for him in the temple
and the prophet kept calling him "bucko" and :partner".  he is a
Prophet of God!!!  we were laughing all night long!!

oh man it was so good!!!!  i have a testimony that he is a Prophet! ha ha ha
ya so this week went by way fast!!!  i don't even know what we did HA
HA HA  oh ya... we moved our apartment this week, and helped some
other missionaries move their apartment.  that was good!
another great high-lite was the wheather!!!  it rained so hard the
other day!!!  like the rain drops were about the size of marbles.... i
tell you this why.... well the day it rained our last apointment fell
through so we had 1 1/2 hours before it was time to got home. so we
decide to go get food and then head home beacuse of the rain.....  so
me and my comp walked 1 1/2 hours in the puoring rain carring
groceries, up hill with a wall of water running down the road and side
walk.  we were soaked so bad!!!  our books in our backpacks were
ruined and there was more water in the bags we were carring then there
was food HA HA HA our clothes are still wet today and that was
wednesday!!!!! it was about an 5 miles walk!!!!  my shoes are ruined
and still wet and a have had them on the heater since then..... we had
the most fun ever!!! just us two out in the ran, no one was out, taxis
were stopping and asking us if we wanted a ride and we were like, "why
would we want a ride? we still got time before we have to be home." HA
HA HA  everyone thought we were crazy!!!!  it was great!!!  I LOVE THE
so we had a great week and this next one is going to be crazy.....  my
companion is going to armenia for the week for training meetings so i
will be on exchanges for the week, and will be working 3 areas.  mine,
my exchanges area, and the Zone leaders area.  so it will be a busy
week. it is going to be great!!  it will be good!!!  so glad i am not
going to armenia!!!  i never want to go back!!! HA HA HA


Summer 2010

A few pictures from over the summer. did you notice, he shaved his head??! Silly kid!

Going back a little...

This email is from July 5, 2010- sorry, i found it today and decided to backtrack a little. Scott got a new apartment and lots of new changes with a new missionary president and I didn't want to miss recording this crazy month on here!

well this last week was a pretty crazy, fun, eventful, and slow week.
first i started the week by moving!!!  i moved my apartment!  i left
my one room (20x15ft.) apartment and moved to an americanized 3 room,
2 couch, 2 floor apartment paying the same as the other place.  i am
still in the saburtalo area just in a new house!  that was fun!! i
love the new house!  so with my ankle being bad i could move a lot so
the other elders came and moved most the stuff, so that was way nice!
i am now closer to the church and have more space and comfort :)  the
kitchen is my favorite part!  it has a huge  fridge and a bar to sit
and eat at,  it has granite counter tops and real cupboards! HA HA HA
it is so sweet!!!  ya that was good!  i was happy for the move and so
was the senior couples. they were glad we got out of the tiny one room
place.  why the other elders before me chose that place i don;t know.
%)  so i got a good place now :) then on tuesday we had district
meeting and we got the news that there would be transfers!!!!  oh
my!!!  so elder nelson left saburtalo and i stayed and elder Hartley
from my group came to me!  we are the first in our group to serve
together since comin to the field.  being 1 year out, this is going to
be AWESOME!!!! i am looking forward to this and serving with him :)
it is going to be awesome!!!  he is a good elder!  so then one
wednesday elder ans sister Packard left us.  (they were a senior
couple in georgia; they were basically our leader since our mission
president lives in another country.)  well they left to go back home
and become temple president of the dallas texas temple. that will be a
big and great thing for them!!!  so then on thursday president Dunn
and his wife left and president carter arrived!  so in one week  my
whole world has been changed!!!  and through all of this i can't walk
and just have to sit at home all day resting.  my new comp is pretty
cool with it.  he understands and is helping get better so we can BOTH
go pound the work later.  so we have been studying and meeting with a
few people and just resting.  this week was a crazy change for me.  i
am hope hat by the end of this week i will be back to where i can walk
again on my foot, so we can do some work.   this week our new mission
president is coming to georgia and and with him he is bringing a
mission call for one of our youth that has been preparing to go for a
year now.  he is 20 and such a good kid.  he will be the 3rd
missionary to leave from georgia.  our hope and goal to help to work
grow here is to get the little youth that we have out on a mission and
then when they come back in 2 years they them selves an help build the
church.  so for now we have been focusing on the youth in the church.
in 2 weeks we have two boys that are going on mini missions here in
georgia with us missionaries, to help them get ready. so in two weeks
we will be changing again and 2 of us full time missionaries will be
with 2 mini missionaries.  they will serve full time like us and live
with us and be just like us for 6 weeks to prepare them for their
mission in 6 months.  this is so exciting to be here and to see the
work grow through the youth and to be part of it!!   it is truly the
work of the Lord; that He has let us take part in.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Elder Johnson!

 He's 21 today!

He's the very best friend to his family- he makes us laugh and lifts us up, and we love him so very much. We sure are missing him- he'll be home this summer and we can't wait to hug him!

Love you always always Dewey!
Love, your family