Monday, April 4, 2011

A Week of Elder Johnson

Things are a little rough for Scott and his companion and the work right now, but they continue too work hard and we are praying for them all!

October 18, 2010
well well well so good to hear from you this week!!!! ya things did
not turn out like planned and we are e-mailling this week..... we had our
most progressing investigator tell us that she got an answer that it
was not true and was not baptized on saturday like planned..... it was
really hard but i think that we needed to learn a lesson.  OBEDIENCE
IS CONNECTED TO THE WORK>>>  so we talked to her and found out she
read some stuff on the internet about the church and what some church
leaders said (their words were changed) and decided no......  :( 
 so we talked and asked her again to seek
again for an answer and to seek from God and not the world....
hopefully she will still meet and we can still help her.  hopefully
this week things will pick back up!!!!  with our other investigators
we will hopefuly have one get baptized in 2 weeks on the 30th!!!  she
needs to know just a little bit more and gain a stronger testimony and
she i good to go!!! it has been awhile since our last baptism in
Georgia... it will be good to get another one :)
so that was the highlite of the week or should i say the down
point....  after that or week was all down hill.  that was sad ;( we
went from leading the mission last week, to close to the bottom this
week! that is not a good feeling!  but we
learn what we needed to and now are working to try and fix it!  that
is the important part, that we learn from it!
not much else happen this week and so i will leave with my regards
that you have a better week and that you all be safe!!!!


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