Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New New New!

March 28, 2011
well well well,
so this week was a long one... it went by way slow for some reason.....
well it started off with a transfer and i moving from the center of
the city to the outskirts and with the cows ha ha ha ha seriously
where i live the cows roam freely and eat what ever....  i will get
some pictures to show you....  it takes us a good 45 minutes on the
metro to get from our house to the church and again the same time
back....  we have the biggest area of the 4 in the city.
so me and elder Hartley are senior missionaries in the mission and
together we are!!!  man, is it fun!!  we try and talk in georgian a
lot between us two cuz we have been out the same time so we can pretty
much understand each other so that is fun!  the language is good, we
both switch off translating for senior couples and members, we both
know it well!!! it is great!!! also we get up at 6 every morning(YES I
GET UP @ 6!!!!) CRAZY!! and go running, YES running!!!  i do run now!
then we get home at 630 and do a pounding work out with weights and
other stuff.... he is getting ready to wrestle at BSU(Boise state)
when he gets home and i am getting ready to play water polo when i get
home....  so we are bulking up!!  we eat soooo much!!!!  like 12 eggs
for breakfast and a kilo of potatoes for dinner!!!  pounding it!!!  we
are getting big!!  so much fun!!
so the work right now is ok....  this last week we had some good
meetings and work that we did.  but now it is slow.  our 2 main
investigators left for some time.. one went skiing in the mountains
and told us that while he is there will spend some time in the woods
praying and seeking an answer if this is really tree..... i don't know
but the best answer to a prayer that i know  happened in the woods, so
we were down for that one!!!!  the second one went to her village to
spend time out of the city and away from family and friends.... she
wanted time to think and to find out if it is true and what she needs
to do if it is, whether to do it alone with out family or not join...
it is not the wood situation but it is close and we will take it as
well!!!  so this next week we are focusing more on getting our name
out more then anything.  we are making a "billion" copies of the
living Christ in Georgian with our information and then going to go to
the metros and just hand them out like crazy!!!  people here know the
JWs, the baptist, the catholics, the Muslims.... but no one knows the
"Mormons"...  so we are getting the word out that we are here and what
we got!  it will be an adventure!!  Also we are doing major changes
with the way we work with the members.  we have found that the best
investigators come from members and so we are going to really be
picking it up with them on that and building them up...  things in the
branches are really struggling right now...  me and my companion,
being senior missionaries have really deep ties with so many members
that the other missionaries don't have...  and with us in the same
branch the other branch is not helping out so much with the
missionaries...  so we are doing some work with others out of our area
and with members of both branches....    doing a lot of work with the
branch presidents as well cuz they pretty much only trust us two and
so we are working with them to get things moving and helping them out!
 it is going to be really hard for the work when we leave cuz the
other missionaries aren't close with the people here.....  heaven
couple that has been here with us the whole time in Georgia since the
beginning is going home this week.....  it is going to suck... :( they
really do some good work here and who knows what we will do with out
them.............  we have a new couple that has been here for 2 weeks
now and they are great and way cool but the Southwicks are our buddies
and we are just tight with them!!  they came over with us, and it will
be sad to depart.  so a lot of changes in so little time.  but change
is necessary and it will happen if we like it or not, so might as well
like it!!
well the work is good and i am doing great!!!  this is truly the best
time of my life and the most happyest and the most tiring time as
well.   so everyone back home, go out and do some missionary work!
share what you know and don't fear!!!  be safe though!!!  have a good
week and have fun watching conference!  i wont get to till like 2
weeks late....  hope it is a good one!!!
1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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