Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HEY from Georgia!

Scott got accepted to Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA this week, we're so proud of him! (and thanks to mom who applied for him!) Hopefully when he gets home, he'll be able to achieve his dreams and play water polo there!

April 18, 2011
HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!
well this week was a good wet (rainy all week) and
exciting week!!!!! first off it started not looking good....then on tuesday
we had a really geat meeting with our amazing investigator!!! we went
over everthing and bore testimony that this was true and then on
wednesday we had a baptismal interview; by the way i was my
companion's b-day on wednesday so that was a great day!!! we
celebrated it with a baptism interview and then that night went to an
american families house and celebrated it with them with reall food
and cake!!!! it was good!!!
   then thursday we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roman ishchuk age
25 was baptizeed elder hartley my comp and i confirmed him right there
at the waters edge. he was going to ukraine for work on saturday so
this one was a rushed one..... i translated the service because the
senior couple conducted it, as well as lead the music and spoke on the
holy ghost. so i spoke straight georgian for 1 and half hours
striaght!! i did the confirmation in georgian as well, that was he
first time i have done that.... the service was by far the most
spiritual one i have attended here. i have never seen a man so
prepared for this in my entire life. i have learned more from him then
i think i taught or he learned from me. what an amazing experience
that is going in the books!!!! now we are going for the mom...........
then i think that we got a little to excited because after the rest of
the week was bombed!!! we had a crazy meeting with some really less
actives and found out that they are planning something to take over
leadership in the church... found out that the reason they were and
are coming was so they could be leader and then influence others to
thier ways... so that was not fun... i will be glad when i do not have
to worry about others salvation like this... i love missinary work but
this is something totally different!!! this is riot police!!! where is
my beater stick and sheild?
so sunday was alright... no investigators and few members there, we
watched another session of conference but missed most of it all doing
this and that with president and with technical stuff... i thought
sunday was a day of rest not work? translating and and helping do
finacial reports and membership papes is that ok on the sabbath? it
takes a long time to do and takes you away from the meetings and
conference. this week i translated sacrament into english from
georgian. our regular translator was not there and so president spke
in geogian and i translated for the american family(here for work) and
the senior couple. pretty cool!!! it really is a big pessure though,
talk about the hot seat ha ha ha BRING IT ON!!!! thn sunday night a
member frm avlabari took us to a friends house and we taught them, the
are famers and live out from the city and have their own flocks and
herds. they were way cool and way nice!! interested and will read the
book of mormon. i want to go out some time and do some farm work with
them.... that would be cool!! they gae us some eggs straight from the
chickens and this morning we ate them!! pretty good!!!!
hope you week is good and that you help one of God's children this week!!!
BE SAFE!!!!!!!!


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