Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Easter to remember

April 25, 2011
what is up!!!?  how is it there back with all of you?

well this was an easter that is going in the books!!!!  the easter
that i will alwasy remember!  it started off not looking good.  at
about 10 to noon and NO ONE AT CHURCH EXCEPT 4 MISSIONARIES, you start
thinking what is up?!  so we got everything together and us
missionaries were going to do our own little sacrament meeting.  at 2
to noon, the branch president came and so we really could start now.
we waited until 20 after and by that time we had 30 members at
church!!!  they came after all!!!  again i translated from georgian to
english.  President Hyke gave the best talk i have ever heard in my
life.  the one that hit me so hard in the heart and soul in my entire
life!  he spoke about how the georgian patriarch got on TV and told
the georgian people not to meet with the other religions like the
mormons, the baptist, the JWs, the evangelists, etc.... because they
are here to take away their belief in Christ...... B. President Hyke
then said that what the patriarch doesn't know is that here in the
church of Jesus Christ, we are praying for this man!!!!!  we are
praying that this man will lead his follwers right and bring them to
the truth!!!  B.P. Hyke then went on about how we as followers of
Christ need to show love to these kinds of people that say these
things about us....  how the thing we want to chage in georgia is how
people show their love and how they act as a follower of Christ.  he
went on to give examples from Christ's life that i didn't even think
about as acts of love.  he spoke about coming together and becoming
one in Christ and becoming the body of CHrist in which He can do His
work in this land!  and more things did he say that i wont write but
the tryth has been said and the spirit was there!!!
then sunday night we went to the senior couples house for dinner and
there we read the account of Christ coming to america after the
ressurection.  we re-acted it and had to wonder around in the dark
with blind folds and try to find our family (cholcolate eggs) while
crawling around the apartment... i got stuck under one of the table
legs and nearly knocked the table over over ha ha ha ha  then the
darkness was taken from our eys and lightness came back and then with
all our family at the temple (couch)  we listened to the saviors words
and teachings from the scriptures....  ya know i have read that story
many times but when we read it this time and lived it, it meant so
much more and brought a whole new spirit to me.  :)
the church is so true and the gospel is the way and perfect; but the
people on the way and in the church are not perfect.  people don't
realize this.  the church is not for perfect people, it is for the
imperfect people to help them become perfect!!!  so get your head in
the game and get on the path and move forward to the end goal helping
those on the path and those not on the path and keep moving.  we are
not on this path and in this life for other people... we are here for
ourselves and to show GOD we want what He has...  we are doing this
all to be with HIM in the end.  no earthy reward along the way is
better thn what we can have in the end of the road!!!

other things that happened this week:  the decsion has been made and
we are combining the 2 branches here and making one branch.  both have
been struggling on their own so we are combining them back together
and hoping to start off right this time strenghtening it and getting a
solid foundation before we branch out again... this will be
interesting but it is a good move.  we will finally have it in the
georgian langauge and for those that want russian, translated for
them.   this will be good.

Christ did rise from the grave and is alive in the perfect flesh
today!  He loves us and He cares for us. He knows us personally and He
knows our pain and trials.  He conquerred the hardest of all things
and because of Him doing that we too can and will conquer all



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