Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New year, new area

It's hard work whitewashing an area! Scott keeps us updated on their gradual progress...

January 24, 2011
well this week not much happened.....
we did do a lot of tracking (knocking on doors) and this week people
chose not to accept our message.  we spend 7 1/2 hours on friday (all
day) knocking doors and we didn't get one meeting.  we did give out
one book of Mormon, we knocked on about
108 doors in one day.  that is a lot.  it was a very tiring day.
Saturday we had a priesthood activity, where we had a BBQ and played
ping-pong.  that was really nice. got to build better and more
relationships with the preisthood of our branch.  they taught me how
to make georgian BBQ and talked about family and getting them to the
temple with theirs.  it was a great meeting.  from now on, i call them
all 'UNCLE' ha ha ha ha just cuz we are close.
     Sunday was another bad day for me. we had again no investigators
at church for 8 weeks in a row...... i was very depressed about it and
then a member, Liana, told me that it was ok because there was 41
members at church and most from my area so i needed to cheer up....  i
call her 'Mom' which is DEDA in georgian cuz she is my mom away from
home, but she always corrects me and says that she is my 'Aunt' which
is DEIDA in georgian. she tells me that she can not take the role of
my mother because then she would be stealing a gift from God and that
is a big sin, but she still calls me her child.
she stole my missionary shoes from me this week beacuse they were in
terrible shape. i was literally walking on nothing, i had worn the sole
down so much. well she took them and got them fixed and the guy she
took them too literllay took a sole off a army boot and glued it on to
my sunday shoes HA HA HA HA so now i truck around in army dress shoes
HA HA HA pretty solid HA HA HA HA
   so work is good. i guess the thing that is improving is the
relationships with members. that is good. but hard when you don't have
investigators to work with.  ALL IN THE LORD'S TIME............
so be safe this week and have a good one!!!!!!


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