Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello from GEORGIA!

May 16, 2011


well this last week was good! i got a calling in the branch.......... i am the translator for Georgian. i translate sacrament meeting into Georgian from Russian and English. so that is a crazy calling!!! it is tough cuz you never know what they are going to say and what stories they will share ha ha ha ha but i like it a lot! i will do it till i leave and maybe after i leave ha ha ha ha the branch is going well. we are getting out more callings and responsibility. things are coming together!

well we did not have any investigators at church today but we did get 3 in-actives to come back and enjoy it! they liked it combined and said they will come back. the cool thing is that they are all priesthood holders. we are getting them active again and restoring the right to use the priesthood. it is good!!!!

this week we had a good zone conference. kinda weird, i was the only one that did not speak out of our group ha ha ha ha my group is the oldest in the mission now and everyone spoke but me.......... what is up with that!!!!! we will see if we have another one before i leave..... maybe not......... it was good to have the armenian elders up here with us and to hang out with them. we had some fun!

so the work is going good. found a new family, just married with a 6 month girl. this guy is an old fried from beggining of mission and just met him again. now that i know the language i can actually talk to him and teach him ha ha ha not like when we first met i only knew 3 words ha ha ha i have seen the hand of God in learning this language!

so things are going good out here in the outskirts of town with the cows!!! HOME SWEET HOME!!!!!!!!!!!


Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions!!!

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