Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Week of Change

Scott has been transfered! He's sad to leave his primary calling, but he'll do wonderfully in his new area as well, we just know it!

March 21, 2011
so this week, we had a good one.  we had 3 investigators at church
which is was a lot for us.  also we had like 40 members as well so
there was a really big turn out this week!!!  it was great!!!!  we had
4 complete families there and that i have not seen for a long time!!!
it was a sunday to remember.  well i did not speak this week.  in
speak the senior couple going home in 2 weeks spoke.  but some good
news for the week was i got made primary teacher!!!!!  the primary
program is struggling so to help it out the branch president and
senior couple asked me to teach primary and help the mom that is there
with the kids!!!  so i have spent last 2 weeks in the primary and
playing with the kids all day ha ha ha BEST CALLING I HAVE EVER HAD!!!

well news of the day!  so president called and we have transfers!!
after 5 months in rustaveli area i am getting move to Gldani with
elder hartley (from my group)  we served together in saburtalo while
my ankle was bad and so together we are.    we have the biggest area
of the 4 and live the farthest out.  it is like we live in a another
city ha ha ha ha  i have to ride the metro 45 min. to get from the
church to my house.  pretty far!!  so yesterday was my last day in
avlabari branch and in the primary there.  i just got the best calling
ever and now i got the move....  OH WELL!!!  so things are good.  had
some great meetings with our investigators and said some pretty crazy
stuff.  i told one right out of the blue that she was chosen by God to
hear his gospel at this time and that meant that she would find the
truth here.... she was blown away and is really progressing and right
now waiting for that answer to come from above...  it will come!!!

so this week was a good one!  we had an institute party and had a good
turn out for that.  the youth are doing so good and i like spending
time with them and helping them out...  they are the future of

so new changes this week and new look on the future!!!


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