Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A good week

March 7, 2011
so this week was a good week with my birthday and all.  we saw the
hand of the Lord in many ways :)
so monday:  we had a very good meeting with a in-active. we have been
visiting here for a long time with no progress.  but this week, i
asked here about her conversion and testimony and it was so amazing to
see how she turned around and opened up to us.  our best meeting with
her, and we made more progress with her in one meeting then we have in
2 months of teaching here principles.....
Tuesday:  (my birthday)  we went and had a good lunch appointment with
one of our investigators. her name is "T".  (went to her restaurant
where she works for lunch)  got in a little bit of teaching and made
an appointment for the next day.  went tracting and got in 1 door. the
lady listened to us and accepted our message.
Wednesday:  great meeting with T. girl from restaurant...  senior
couple came with us and the whole meeting was guided by the spirit.
invited her to be baptized, when she found out this was true; kinda
got a little scared and said don't know. felt really good to invite
someone to be baptized. have not done that in a long time.  still has
a desire to learn and you can see and feel the spirit working on her.
also had another meeting with a new kid. our first meeting with him
and we invited him to be baptized when he found out it was true. did
not except but still will meet with us and has desire to learn.  we
will work with him.  went to a members house and first half of our
lesson i played with their 2 kids (9 and 4).  really had some fun there
:)  then talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is the
only way and how to share it.  we have been trying to get them to
share the gospel with family and friends for ages now.... well this
week they told us how they thought of someone to share it with :) that
was a blessing to hear that.
thursday:  had another meeting with T and things went well, she asks
questions that pertain to what we are talking about and what is
important.  went really well. 
Saturday:  went tracting again and got into 1 door.  lady was nice and
listen and read what we asked her to read.  friendly and willy to act.
 went to the "restaurant" with the senior couple because they wanted
to try new food :)  T was working and talked with her about coming to
church.  told us that she had to work the next day.  kinda sad. all
our work during the week teaching her and she couldn't come to church.
 then went and saw a member family and learned of their conversion
story and how we can help others have the same.
Sunday:  well at about 5 minutes to... T walked in the church. i asked
her how she came and she said that she asked her boss if she could
have some time off to go to church and her boss said yes and she
came!!!!  also our other investigator who we invited to be baptized
earlier came!  so we had 2 at church and the best part was all the
testimonies were about how to find truth and the power of it :)  they
both felt the spirit :)
the work is turning around one by one :)
hope you week is going well and that you are all safe!!! :) :) :)
Love, Elder Johnson

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