Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A good week!

Miracles are happening in Georgia! haha we love how excited Scott gets when people listen to his message.

February 7, 2011
well the week was a good one.  we had some miracles happen this week.
so on friday was the day to remember.  we started tracting and and the
first entrance way (which is about 24 apartments) no one received us.
so we went to the second entrance and the 1st door we locked on the
guy let us in and listen and accepted our message and our commitments
to learn more and to read the Book of Mormon.  it was such a great
meeting, he wanted to learn more and have his family learn more.  a
little side note; he even made room for the Book of Mormon in his
shrine of khaties(pictures they pray to) and candles because it was
the word of god.  POUND IT!!!!
so the next floor of apartments we knock on the last door and an older
guy with his wife invite us in and listens as the first guy and
accepts the invitation to learn more and to read.  just like the first
meeting everything went well.  POUND IT!!!!
then we go down 2 floors with no answer from people and on the 3 floor
another guy and his wife and just like the other 2 meeting everything
went well and by the Spirit.  so that was great!!!!  then we go down
to the last floor and the last apartment and again it is a guy who
lets us in because "we had smiles on our faces and looked like we had
something to share with the world" he said.  turned out he was athiest
but still listened to us and was nice and took a pamphlet about God
and said he would read it.  so in ONE DAY we got 4 meetings; and 5 new
investigators!!!!!! what a blessing of the LORD!
also this week me and my companion set a new record!  we have
officially gone 10 weeks with no investigators at church!  that takes
some hard work to pull off!  IT SUCKS!!!!!  despite the
hard work and the miracles, at the end of the week it comes down to no
one coming to church...... sad :(
while reading in the Book of Mormon and marking the parts where ever
it talks about Christ is so great. just seeing how many times it talks
of Him, strengths my testimony of this book and really shows the
importance of it!!!  if people would just read it............
well these next few weeks will bring some changes......  with old
elders leaving on the 18th and new ones coming in, it is going to be
good and a switch up :)

well i love you all and hope all is good!!!!!
HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

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