Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We're glad Scott got to enjoy a bit of Conference- he's so close to coming home, we can hardly stand it! Only 4 months from today!

April 11, 2011
well this week went by like any other week.... one day at a time!!! HA
HA HA  not much happened this week.  the weather is playing games with
us and so that is the high-lite of it all.  we don't know what it will
be like when we wake up and by afternoon it is changed again!!!
so this week we watched the first session of
Russian!!! ha ha ha ha  it wasn't to bad. understood some but not a
lot HA HA HA HA so after "church" me and my comp stayed later and got
on the computer and watched the same session in English... my Russian
understanding was close... so far some good talks!   i really liked
the gonzalies guy; and what he said.  he came out and said "any one
that is not a member and is watching this needs to be baptized and be
confirmed a member, it is the only way.." it was good cuz i had 2
investigators at church who heard that and now are more serious about
this and when we meet.  they are feeling it!!!
this week we have a baptism planned for saturday!!  he is a young kid.
25 and form ukraine!  he is here visiting his mom and will return soon
back to kiyev but wants to do this now cuz he doesn't know what will
happened later in life and if he will get this chance again.....  he
is ready and loves this gospel!!!  when we teach him, you can just SEE
and FEEL the Holy Ghost testifying to him and touching his heart!  it
is pretty cool!!
we had some great meetings with some members this week.  we are
meeting with this part-member family a lot.  the mom and daughter are
members but the father and son are not.  so we go see them and have
some good meetings with the family.  the daughter has had some real
bad health problems in the past little bit and had some rough
challenges.  it is so cool to see how the atonement has helped this
mother and daughter and family as a whole.  they are the oldest
members in georgia and still the strongest!!!  God bless them!!!
so that is the update for the week. not a lot a i know but it is it.
 BE SAFE AND HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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