Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Time flies when you're serving the Lord! Can't believe he's been in Georgia for 6 whole months. He sounds great and the work is moving forward and we're thrilled to hear it.

January 25, 2010
so this week marked 6 months being out!! yes I BURNED A TIE (as tradition at 6 months) and it was pretty cool. you know me always got to have things big and wild... don't worry our apartment is still in one piece. :)  so 6 months wow!!!

well this last week we had one baptism and we will have another on the 6th of Feb. yahoo!! we had to postpone 3 of our baptisms so now we have scheduled 1 every saturday in the month of Feb. way coo!!! pray they can make it! so this last we had zone conference.  we wen to Gumri this tim. it is another cty in Armenia. it is up in the mountains so there was lot of snow. we had so much fun! i love the snow!!
well i am good! i love it here.

love elder SUPERMAN

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