Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back to Tbilisi!

Yay, he's back in Georgia! He was going crazy being cooped up in the office, so we are thrilled to hear his ankle is healing and he's back in the country he loves.

August 9, 2010
so today i am writting from the heart of Georgia.... Tbilisi!! HA HA
HA it feels so good to be back here!! i love it!  so this week was a
crazy one... first i was staying with the office elders but then we
had transferrs and we got rid of the office elders so i went and
stayed with the A.P.s for 3 days, then my ankle got better so i got
moved back to GEORGIA!!!! i have been moving a ton this last week! i
am so glad that i am finally home and settled for a while!!  it is
good! i had some good times in Armenia but is is no Georgia so i am
bouncing off the walls that i am here!!!  i was given the ok to come
back to Georgia on Friday, as long as i take it easy for a bit!  i was
down for that so here i am, it is going to be SO HARD to take it easy
for a while but i will try my best HA HA HA i am glad to be back with
Elder Hartley and kickin it strong. (don't worry i am not kickin
anything; it is just an expression) ;)  i liked Armenia but it was no
Georgia!  this is my home!

so on Friday Elder Hartley baptized our
investigator Nona (cuz i was not there)  and then on Saturday when i
came back to Georgia with President Carter, we had a zone conference
in georgia (which was a suprise and totally unplanned ) and
then on Sunday i got to confirm Nona and also President and Sister
Carter spoke in Sacrement Meeting. so this weekend was a good one!!!
i loved it!! 

lots of changes have happened since i left..... our
elders quorum presidency (all 3 of them) have disappeared, no one, not
even family know wherer they are or anything about them..., our relief
society president is also missing. so now everything is on the Branch
President and us missionaries.  it was really bad when President
Carter came to speak and there was only 8 membeers there when we
usually have 35 there. so the work is at a stand still now..... we
will get it going again here this week, that is our goal.
so i am glad to be back and having fun in the HOT sun!!! it is so hot
here. i get out of a cold shower and i am already sweating like i just
ran 20 miles!!!! HA HA HA things are good!!
BE SAFE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!                 

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