Friday, February 18, 2011

MIracles happen

This week, Scott shares some miracles with us and we are thrilled to hear how much he loves it.

I am good here across the world! the work is good and progressing well. we had a baptism last week and we have another one this Nov. 28th. so great! this guy, Elguja, has been investigating the Church ever since it came to Georgia. 5 years!!! he is the caretaker of the church and knows it is true and comes to church more then some members but isn't baptized. well i have asked him ever since i got to Georgia. EVERDAY i ask him if he will be baptized. he jokingly replys "no problem". well this last week i asked him and he said "ya i will". then later he walked in to one of our lessons with one of our other investigators and sits down and says "i need to take the lessons if i am going to get baptized, start teaching me." so he is getting baptized finally next week!!! so exciting. my mom says i can be a real pain sometimes, well i guess it has paid off here lol well the work is coming along. we had rain the past week and a half. today is the first day in a long time i get to see the sun!! it is so beautiful lol well miracles are happening here. we had a old investigator from like a year ago call us asking us to come over and see her husband, who is a narcotic and hates the missionaries. he is the reason they were dropped. well we go over there and he is totally humble. he is trying to quit drugs and be a better man. he asked for a blessing and told us that his family and him would be at church every sunday and that he wanted us to teach him and to help him. WOW!!!! miracle!!! so cool. i have given 2 blessing this past week top help two different investigators get over problems and health. way cool experience!!

well the language is going well. i am understanding more and more all the time. the food is the best ever! i love it lol

well hope your doing good!


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