Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, love Elder Johnson

He hasn't sent any pictures yet, but we hope to see some soon! We missed spending the holiday with him, but doesn't he sound wonderful?!

Dear Family,
this e-mail is about thanks!
Thanks to my mother and father who raised me in the truth and put up
with and the wild and rebel stages i went through. thanks to them i am
where i am today. thanks for the love they have to let us learn
lessons on our own but to help us when we are down or in need even
when i can't see i need help. thanks!
thanks to my brothers and sister and brother-in-law. thanks for
supporting me. thanks for being my friends and helping me learn
important lessons of life. thanks to my older brother and sister who
were an example to me to follow. thanks for my little brother who gave
me the oppurtunity to an example for.
thanks for aunts and uncles. thanks for the love they have and the
support they give.
thanks for cousins. thanks for the good times and fun things we did
together. thanks for the love and blessing they bring.
thanks for grandparents. thanks for the sweet feeling they bring all
the time. thanks for the love that they have and the stories they tell
about their lives so we my learn from their lives.
thanks for friends. thanks for the strenghth that they give us and the
help they povide. thanks for the joy they bring and the example they
are even when they don't realize that they are. thanks for them for
helping keep our standards high and for helping us build our faith.
thanks for missionaries. thanks for the hard work and the sacrifice
they make to help others they don't know. thanks for the love and the
faith that they have.
thanks for the Gospel. thanks for the joy and the blessings it brings
to us that have it and to those that are learning about it. thanks for
the knowlegde of the truth and the happiness it is to know it.
thanks for miracles. thanks for the priesthood and the power and
responsibility it brings to us that have it. thanks for the
oppurtunity it is to have it and to excersice it and bless others.
thanks for miracles and the hand of God that we may show those who do
not knoe the power of God that they may be believers.
thanks for JESUS CHRIST AND HIS ATONEMENT. thanks for the love that He
had and has for us that he would suffer so much, that we have no idea
how much pain he suffered, for us. thanks for the Atonement and the
rule it plays in our lives. IT IS EVERYTHING!!! we can not return to
Him without it and we can not rise from the dead as immortals without
it. Thanks for the purpose it gives our life and what it means we can
accomplish because of it. we can accomplish everything with the
Atnoement!! Thanks for the blessing it is to know that.
Thanks for HEAVENLY FATHER. Thanks for His love that He gave us His
only son. He gave us Everything He had and He still gives us more
today. Thanks for Him. Thanks for everything we have because
everything we have is from him. Thanks for Him and the love He has
that He would build us the earth and send us down here and then He
would prepare a way for us to come back to Him. only Love med this
Thanks for LOVE. it is everything. nothing is done without LOVE. it is
LOVE that overcomes all fear and it is LOVE that overcomes all hate.
LOVE it what the real power of God is.
So now is a day of thanks. but we must not wait for one day to give
thanks. we NEED to give thanks everday, every second, every moment. we
can not afford to not give thanks.

Love always,
Elder Johnson

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