Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A quick update

March 22, 2010
So this last week was a very good one!!! first we had a baptism!!!
Aman from india was baptized. i had the previlage of giving him the
holy Ghost! it was awesome experience! 

well also so way good news is
this week we have the 3 new missionaries coming. we have a past
missionary from germany coming to visit and Vazgen is going home! it
is going to be a very very busy week.  the zone leaders came up
today as well to do a training course with us tomomrrow.  it is going
to be great!!  so things are going really great here! things are
flying by so fast!  it is awesome!

so sorry i don't have so much time to e-mail this week-
today we went to Gori. it is where the great
Joseph Stalin was born. we saw his house and the great miseum they
have ther. it was cool and then we went to the "lord's fortress" it is
this huge city in the mountains about a billion years old or so. so we
spent the day there. i loved it!  so that is where all my time went.
so this week we also have another baptism planned!! it will be good!

well love you tons and forever!!!

P.S. I'll write loads next week! girl scouts promise!! ha ha ha

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