Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aman's birthday!

Scott just sounds better and better in his emails- he truly loves the work, the people, and sharing the gospel. It has been so great to see Scott help Aman and to see Aman help Scott. They're learning from each other and are turning into better men, more Christ-like, stronger sons of our Heavenly Father.

April 26, 2010
so this week we had a ton of fun!!! one of my recent converts, Aman
from india, it was his birthday!!!! in india they don't celebrate
birthdays so a while ago when we asked him how old he was he had no
idea,  so i looked at his passport and it was the 20th of april.  so
us missionaries with the help of the senior couples and some georgians
we threw him this huge birthday party!!! he is 21!!!  and he will be a
missionary in 10 months!!!!

1-this is Aman at the party... he is so excited!

2- this is me and Aman cooking up some india food for the senior
couple. (they made a deal with him that if he cooked them some indian
food for dinner one night... they would throw him a huge party for his
birthday. so me and him cooked up a storm. i am way good cook!!!)
3- this is me and my brother!!!

4.  This is me, 9 months out

5. the dinner we made- so delicious!

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