Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another injury...

June was a busy month for Elder Johnson- so much so that I didn't get a decent email for the whole rest of the month :) But now it's July and he's back!
Well, his knee healed up so nicely, he decided to go ahead and kill his ankle playing soccer on p-day. It was a long term injury this time, he was off it for several weeks and there was the possibility he would need surgery. Again, faith and prayer and fasting pulled him through.

July 19, 2010
ok so this week was a long filled week!!!
it started off with being laid up because of my ankle and so i was
down the first half of the week.  just sitting around reading and
doing not much.  well then on Friday with only 3 days left in the week
i threw my cane across the room starting doing physical therapy,
starting moving my ankle and we went out and got 14 meetings in 3
days!!!!  we talked to 121 people on the street and found 3 new
investigators.  i am finally tired of being laid up so i am doing
something to change that.  my ankle still hurts and is weak but i have
to do my part to receive the lord's part.  so i deal with it and go
out to work.  i still have to take it easy and can't e on it for long
period of time but we will see how this moving it helps it out.
we got so many people to listen to us and to come to church.  the
people we met all came to church on Sunday!!!  so
our sacrament service was full!! it was awesome!!!  
so this week was good!!!
i got my ankle to move and a little progress there and got to spread
the gospel with literally hundreds of people! great week!!!
so hope you are well and having fun!!!!
BE SAFE AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!!!!!!!              

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