Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making progress with investigators & Georgian

His investigators are making wonderful progress and Scott continues to work hard with the difficult languages. He is learning Georgian, Russian, and picking up a little Armenian as well. Whew!

January 18, 2010
hey!! how is it where ever you are at? what is new?  how is the weather? 
so the weather has been gloomy all week. i haven't seen that
big yellow ball in the sky that people call the sun for a week and a
half. very depressing. it has been rainning all the time. no snow
though :( 

Well the work is good. this week we got our investigators
to get married by law. we had some complications cuz you have to have
two witness so me and Elder Vazgen went to be witness but when we got there
we found out that they have to be citizens of Georgia so we went and talked
to complete strangers working there and had them come sign. it was
pretty funny. we were just like "hey our friends want to get married
will you come sign for them..." ha ha ha so now they can get
baptized!!! yahoo!! In 3 weeks they will be baptized!

Our other investigators are good. the man who has been trying to quit smoking
for one year now is finally down to 0!! he must stay off for 2 weeks
and then he can be baptized!! it is so good! Other than them, the work is slow now
with the new year. no new investigators. :(

well i am good. today we going down to Armenia for zone conference so that
will be fun. a 9 hour ride in the car and then crossing the boarder...
oh man!!!  ha ha ha
well that is all that is new with me. not much change. just working
for the Lord and trying to learn one of the oldest languages on the
planet... lol it is crazy hard. but i stick with it. :)
well love you tons!!


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