Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zone Conference & 9 months

April 19, 2010
so things are going good here in georgia!  this last week flew by with
all the traveling we did down to armenia and back.  i love traveling!!
it is the best!  so we had a wonderful zone conference and i learned a
ton.  i got my knee looked at and the problem is that i pulled all the
ligaments in my left knee. nothing serious or complex but it is going
to take about 3 weeks before i can start bending it again fully. so
for now it is wrapped up good and aching lol but i still press forward
and pound the work.  Christ did everything for me; He suffered and
died for me.... so i can suffer a little for His work ;)  that is how
i look at it.  it is all up to HIM!!!  so while in armenia i got to go
out and visit members there with the missionaries serving there. i got
to give two blessings while down there, one i did the oil and the
second one i did the blessing. it was pretty amazing to do the second
one cuz the lady asked me to do it because she saw that i had lots of
faith and that is what she wanted, even though she didn't know
english.  i was so taken back by that compliment.  so on my mission
the one change i see is my faith has grown greatly.  i have been
rellying totally on the LORD the past 4 months and that is when the
changes come. i know that to be true.
"Two men can do anything; as long as ONE of them is the LORD"
so things are going good :)  the work is flying by as well as well as
the time. lol it has been 9 months now!!!! OH MY LANTA!!!! it seems so
long ago but it was just around the corner. the days go by like weeks
and weeks go by like days. it is crazy!!!
so not much other news but i am alive and well. :) things are good here!

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