Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy busy!

Scott is staying busy teaching, teaching and teaching! His favorite investigaor, Aman committed to baptism this week, which is great news, and he will be training soon.

March 8, 2010
well another week has come and gone.  things are good here in this
part of the world. you know i never did seen myself being here in this
part of the world. this close to all the problems and wars that are
going on in the world. it is i neat experince.

well things are going good.  the work is moving forward and the spirit
is working miracles.  one thing that i would say to all is be obedient
to all the rules!! 1 one day this week me and my companion forgot to
shave (i hate shaving)  well something that simple doesn't seem that
bad. well it was!!!  we went to a investigators house for a lesson and
she had food for us.  well it was the worst food ever!  she made lik a
egg salad but the eggs were rotten and like black and she had raw fish
and cabbage soaked in vinegare and a rice pudding with fruit in it
that tasted so freakin bad!!! well needless to say i had to eat some
of this food. i never wanted to throw up so bad in my life! well now
we are obedient and follow all the rules cuz i don't want to eat that
stuff ever again. (i have included a picture of the food.)

well other than almost diying from bad food the rest of the week was
way good!!!  in Georgia it is there "womens day" today so on saturday
we had a 2 big parties! on for the grown-up members and one for the
YSA. we went to both to support them both.  they were awesome.  at the
YSA one they had a dance and kareokee. we as missionaries aren't
allowed to dance but we can sing so me and my comp. sang all night
long good. it was very good!!! i have developed a good singing voice
now lol ha ha ha (picture of us all at the party included)

so this week was a good one.  things are good. only three more weeks
till the new guys get here and i am training. wow!!! it will be an

our investigators are doing good. we have 2 baptisms lined up for the
20th of march. on is aman from india. "he is my brother from another
mother" lol (picture of me and him included) he is such a cool guy!! he
cooks us indian food all the time! so i have gotten a little fat in
the past little bit lol.

well this week also the Dustons who work in the office are leaving.
their time is up and we will miss them here.  (picture with me and
them included)

so that is it for this week.  things are good!!
the bad meal- he looks so excited to be eating it :)

YSA activity

Scott and Aman 

Scott and the Dustons

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