Thursday, February 24, 2011

The hot days of summer

August 16, 2010
So this week was a busy hot week as you can tell from the title!
we started the week off by going to a little village outside of
tbilisi that look like a ghost town fro p-day.  it was tinier than my
neighborhood.  it was hot and dry and the road to get to it resembled
the trails i go four-wheeling on.  it was an adventure.

then we went through the week finding new people to teach and teaching the ones we
already found.   we started a new thing for the missionaries.  due to
the problems we have had with members, we have decided that by the end
of the month we are going to visit every member on the branch list.
the old and new, everyone.  so we have been going around the city with a map
and a list and finding them and been
trying to figure out what is up with them.... it has been long work.
we also came up with a new finding way.  we decided we needed families
in the church and so we made a billion copies of the Family
Proclamation in georgian and now we go around just handing them out to
any one we see with a family.  a father in the park with his kids; we
go talk to him... a mother pushing a stoller with a new born; we go
talk to the.  so the work has picked up so good!!!

we found this one guy with a 5 month old daughter and a wife, the biggest thing in
his life is family so we have been showing him how families are the
biggest thing to God.  it is so good!!!  they are so nice!!  we also
found this week an old convert, who was baptized 10 years ago in
russia and didn't know the church was here when he moved here 5 years
ago. we found him on the street and he told us he knew Brigham Young,
and we though "how the heck does this guy know Brigham Young?"   "no
one here even knows the MORMONS" so he came to church on sunday and
turns out he is a member. he brought all his certificates and photos.
he also has the priesthood so that is another priesthood leader for
the church!!  so good!!  so we are being blessed through these hard
times by finding the right people.  it is hard but the reward of
happiness is greater in the end!!!

so then on sunday we had an amazing sacrament meeting!  President Hyke
(B.P. who is georgian) and President Southwick(senior couple) and all
6 missionaries gave a talk about why we are here, what we gave up to
be here, how we earned our money to be here, and our testimony.  all
the members think we are all american billionaires who come for fun.
SORRY but i have never seen a million dollars in my life!!!  so they
got the picture we are here to serve and to do the work of the LORD.
it was really powerful!!

so i am doing better. the ankle is getting stronger and so am i HA HA
HA slowly slowly getting the muscles HA HA HA i almost have a six
pack.  i just need to divide my "one big keg" into "6 little packs" HA
so the weather is deathly hot but we survive :) it will start to cool down here next month.
still lots of people are out at the villages, so that is no fun LOL oh well we still
pound it!!!
Well have a good week and have fun!!!!  LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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