Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another week down...

Scott hurt his knee playing soccer this month and was on crutches and in a boot for several months afterward. Through prayers, fasting, and lots of faith, his knee healed and he was able to stay in Georgia and continue serving.

April 12, 2010
So things are going well here in the rep. of georgia!  i am doing ok.
this last week i got hurt playing soccer but my mission president told
me not to tell the people back home till after i am better and
everything is solved.  so i can't say what is wrong :)  well  i am
still pounding the work.  we have had some miracles happen and been
able to see the hand of God in our life. this week we had two old
investigators from about 4 months ago show up at the church and want
to get baptized.  they are refugees from russia. they
are back and doing well.  also the fact that i am still walking and
doing missionary work is a miracle from the LORD. so this week was a
slow and painful week for me but i figured that if the LORD could
suffer and die for us then i could suffer a little for Him. oh well
everything is ok.

so training is going ok.  my comp is still new and still has that
pride from the mtc that he knows all and that he is the man...soon
he will break out of it.
I like training and helping the other new missionaries learn the ways of the
work. :)  so this week i finally got to watch some of general conference.  we
are behind the rest of the world here in georgia.
i missed all of sunday sessions, so i have to take time
out of the week to watch the rest.  i hear it is the best!!!  so right
now i am in Yerevan, Armenia. we have zone conference tommorrow and
guess what....  WE HAVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! it is SNOWING like it is
december!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! it is going to be a good zone
conference, i can tell already!

so that is the news... things are going good and the work is moving
forward. i love it!!!
be safe and party like a rock star!!!!!   


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