Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mother's Day

Talking to Scott on Mother's Day was the highlight of our MONTH! We got to skype with him- he looked so good, so happy to be there. It was really great to see his face, we've been missing him!

May 17, 2010
so this last two weeks have gone by really slow!!  first glad i got to
talk to my family on mothers day and that was amazing!!!  i got to use
Skype so i was able to see them. they look good!! Nate is a lot

This week, we went to Brojomi which is a little village out
of Tbilisi and so we did not get to e-mail last week. so then
i was down all week cuz the work was going slow.  i spent all week on
the street.  i had a total of 10 lessons in the week.  that is not
good.  so i did a lot of walking and a lot of talking.

well then this last week the worked picked up. i guess you could say i
was blessed for the hard times.  i don't know. we found some new
people to teach and they are progressing very well.  we had a baptism
also!!!  when i was in Isani back in december i had an investigator
from india. his name was Aman. (different then the one i am working
with now.)  we have two Amans now!  well i found him and taught him
but then i got moved to Saburtalo and lost contact, well he was
finally baptized this week and i got to give him the Holly Ghost. that
was totally amazing!!!

Also we have 2 investigators of our own that or
almost ready for baptism..  it is good now.
so i am doing good.  i am healthy so far, but the weather has gotten
really hot now.  i wake up in the morning and i am already covered in
sweat and i have no blankets, nothing.  it is HOT!!!!  i drink a ton
of water cuz i sweat a ton every day!  so it is good lol  i love it
here, i have learned to love these people.

ON THE 22nd IS MY 10 MONTH MARK!!!! ALMOST A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!  TIME FLIES!!!
so the language is coming good. i am getting this grammar down more
and more. it is hard to learn grammar of another language when you
don't know english grammar.  i had to buy a book to learn english
grammar so that i could learn georgian grammar HA HA HA i knew i
should have paid attention in english class HA HA HA  oh well i am
getting it now :)

so i am good and loving it!  BE SAFE!!!

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