Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He's a trainer now!

Scott is officially a trainer now! His first greenie is Elder Nealson. He seems really excited to teach him all about this country he loves.

so this last week was a really crazy one!!!! first off we had the 3
new elders arrive on thursday night. they were so late getting here!!
so i am training Elder Nealson from Hollywood Califonia. he is a good
man. pretty new at everything and is learning slowly. i remember my
first few days here. they were so fast and a blur. i didn't know what
the heck was going on.

so also we had 3 baptims this week end!!! we had Vazha's wife (he is
the branch president in the Avlabari branch) get baptized, Elguja's
wife got baptized and then an Armenian man named Artur.  so that
exciting!!! we also had President Dunn come for those and he actually
baptized Vazha's wife. that was great to see our Mission President get
wet! lol  and this next week we another one!!!! a baptism on EASTER
WEEKEND!!!!! WAY COOL!! this one is my investigator! his name is Ruby!
he has finally quit smoking so now he can come to Christ! it will be
awesome for him to come unto Christ; the weekend that Christ rose from
the grave. great symbolism!!

so the work is good. also this week Elder Vazgen went home. his
mission is over and he went home after the baptism (which he did) on
saturday!! he was the best missionary!! lol  i will miss him.  so now
there are 10 missionaries in Georgia!!!! this is awesome!  the work is
moving forward!  full steam ahead!

so things are good as a trainer. i like it a lot!  for his first few
days he is doing well.  he is still really new so i kinda have to keep
him updated on whats going on lol hopefully that will change soon.  so
things are great.

oh also this week we have Brother Dzirdzon from Germany, here
visiting. he was a missionary here 2 yeas ago. he was in the second
group to come here.  so that is cool to meet him and that...

so this next week will be a tough one with it being Easter and the
Georgia people so caught up in there traditions so it is going to be
crazy!!! oh boy!!  so things are going good!!! that is about it lol


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