Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zone Conference in Armenia

January 25, 2010

Zone conference was great. so crossing the boarder... it is interesting... the drive down there is about a 7 hour drive and then time at the border it takes 9 hours totally to get there. first you have to check out of Georgia. that takes about 10 minutes. Well then we have to get visa and that into Armenia. that takes the most time because the Armenians don't like people coming into their country. Georgians are picky about what you bring into their country but don't care who comes in. Armenians care about who comes in but not what you bring. I did get a bunch of letters. with pictures all over them. Nate you are a goof!!! ha ha you all look good! I am not picky you can send me whatever you think I need. If I think of something I will write you next week so wait one more week ok.... well that is all.

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