Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It snowed!

February 8TH

So this last week guess what..... WE HAVE SNOW!!!!! we have about 6 inches now and it is still falling. it has been falling all week now. I LOVE IT!!!! it is so beautiful!! Well we have 2 baptisms for the 20th now and one the 27th. They are set and our investigators will make their dates, things are progressing very well. Well things are progressing very well so I am getting transferred now on Tuesday I am going to Saburtalo, it is like down town T'bilisi. think of it as moving from down town ghetto ogden to down town rich park city. It is where all the excitement is at in the city. So I will be with Elder Petrose from Roosevelt UT. and Elder Bennett will be with Elder Vazgen.. It will be a good change and some other good news is that in March when the new missionaries come I am training one of them. CRAZY!!!!! so I have one month to learn the language. wow!! Well things are good here. The work is progressing and I have snow finally!!! it is awesome. Well I like it here a lot. Hope you are well and everything goes well.

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