Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starting out in his new area...

February 15TH

Well things are good here on the other side of the world! I like my new area and the people that live here. It is about 20 minutes across the city from my last area. Still right there in Tbilisi. I am just in the center if Tbilisi. instead of being on the outskirts. It is good. I am in the Senior couples ward so we have one of them as the branch president. It is sad about the Georgian athlete. I live right next to the Georgian Olympic Committee Building and no one comes in or out of that building so I didn't even know that there was a team... oh well he will get to hear the true gospel now. So things are good here! the work is well and I love it!!! qvelapere kargia!!!!! tell everyone I say hi and that I am good!!! your welcome for the Christmas cards! don't worry I can't read them either.......ha ha well love you tons and thanks for finding lots of pictures for me!!

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