Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning the language

February 22nd

I did get to packages from home last week. thanks so much!! I loved them! Things are good for me. I love it here in saburtalo as this part of the city is called. it is way fun! ya cool people and such a sweet area. do you have a map of T'bilisi where you can map out where I am at or no? just wondering. Well you know by now we are having a baptism this Saturday, his name is Steven and he is half American half Iranian and works for the UN. So we met our goal for 1 baptism a month!!! yay!! This will be number 3 for me and number 10 for Georgia since I have been here. This last week was an awesome week!! on Saturday we had 3 Baptisms!!!!!! Anna and Samvel are the couple we got married last month and the husband quit smoking... they got baptized on Saturday! it was totally awesome!!!! Great weekend! well I have tons of pictures I want to send but my camera is dead and I left the battery charger in Armenia from last time we went down so I hope I can get it this next week. This past week flew by. In Sacrament we had 7 investigators come and I had to speak. I talked for 15 minutes all in Georgian! man that was tough cuz i never speak straight Georgian for that long. It was good. Some people in the audience corrected me cuz I said some words wrong and we were all laughing. I told them to listen to the meaning of my talk and not to my pronunciation. ha ha it was good. so I have talked twice in Sacrament now since being here. It is good. We have 7 investigators now. This week me and Elder Peatross found a new kid from India. His name is Aman,. he is totally awesome!! He has no friends here so me and Elder Peatross hang and teach him all the time. He makes us real indian food too!! I love it!! we are trying to help him get his business going at the moment. He doesn't speak any Georgian so we help him out. Really slow but good. I like them all!! Well that is all for next week. THANKS!!!

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