Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crazy week!

Scott is safe and well, but apparently Georgia had a crazy week of citizen upheaval! We're grateful for all the missionaries' safety, for Heavenly Father's watchful care over them.

May 30, 2011
well this week was crazy!!!!!  so to start it off things were going
well on monday and tuesday. met with our less active members and
investigators and they were doing good.  then on wednesday our zone
leaders and district leaders went to armenia for a conference for
training and left me and 5 other missionaries in georgia.  this was
the 25th.  well the 26 is georgia's military day. it is a new holiday
that president started this year to recognize the military and thier
service.  so to celebrate it they had a huge parade where all the
military marched down the road and suluted the president and re-swore
an oath.... well the oppositing part y did not want this parade and
holiday so on the 25th they rallied and protested up the wazzu!!!!
they went crazy!!  they demanded the president to step out of office
and leave the people alone....  well they rioted late in the night...
and then the ambassordor of america came out and said that america
supports the president and the people went wild!!!!! they started
roiting and so the roit police came out and had a huge throw down!!!!!
 it looked just the roits in the middle east, the opposition part was
ready with bats and bricks and the police came  out with water, tear
gas and bats and rubber bullets.  so it turned out to a duel and 2
people died and over 90 arrested and over 100 in the hospital.....
i tell you this because that night we had a companionship that was not
answering the phone and we had no idea where they were.... so the
senior souple sends us on a mission to find them at the same time this
is going on ha ha ha  so me and my comp and the senior couple went out
during this riot and went to their house and found them home but they
had lost their phone.  i was literally 10 minutes walk from the
riot!!! i could hear it and later saw it on the news....  it was
crazy!!!  you would never think that these things would come right
where i am at!  the people say the way it worked in egypt and lybia
and in those countries and they tried it out here and got beat big
time!!!!  crazy!
so after that we were on like a lock down. we could not tell people
where we were from so i have started telling them that i am georgian
and since i speak good and look georgian, they believe me.
 the good thing about this week was we had 3 investigators at church
and everyone of our less actives and recent converts that we met this
week were their at church!!!  they all came around.  sacrament was
good.  we missionaries sang and i just mouthed the words ah aha ha
haha i don't sing!!!!
so things are going well here and man do i love it!!!!  there is no
place like here in GEORGIA1!!!!  it is trully the best!
well time is ticking down!  only 2 months left and this week we move
into june!!!  crazy!!!!
well family and friends, be safe and may God be with you this week!!!
share the gospel and be a friend!!!!

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