Thursday, June 2, 2011

Down to two months!!!!

We found out we will get to see our missionary in just two quick months! We are thrilled!

May 23, 2011
как дела? что новова?
what is new?  how are you?
well this week was alright!  not a lot happened....  did some
missionary work, taught some lessons, walked some streets, knocked on
some doors, worked out, and slept and ate.
i have come to realize from reading the book of mormon that i have the
right and it is my duty to preach in the name of the Lord. i now call
myself to anyonr i meet, "Elder Johnson, represenative of Jesus
Christ."  stunns people ha ha ha i stunned a georgian priest the other
day by saying it.  he told me that that was a bold saying and i was
being daring by saying it... i told him i was one of the ten in all of
georgia that had the right from God to say that!!!  he was stunned and
left.  so i am testifying more and more and in the name of the Lord.
something i wish i had come to realize sooner that i had the right to
do. it is a great thing!!!
so this week, translating went well for sacrament meeting, also
translated subday school.  translating from georgian to english is a
bit easier then english to georgian.  but i got both down well.  i am
trying to speack all georgian the last bit of my mission, 24/7.  it is
crazy!  i learn new words all the time and still realize everyday that
i could be better.  ha ha ha ha oh well all in good time :)
Well things are going good here!!!   yesterday marked my 6 month mark
ha ha ha saddly not, only 2 months left!  i will be home july 22!!!!
so soon!!!!
well hope all is going well for you all and hope that you are safe and
have a good week!!!!!  peace out!!!!

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