Sunday, July 3, 2011

Down to one last month!

June 20, 2011
so this week was a good one. President Carter came up and spent the
week in Georgia.  we had a special conference and that was good.  it
is always good to see people for the other country ha ha ha we don't
see the president very much or anyone from armenia. we are pretty cut
off here in georgia.  just on our own ha ha ha ha
well happy father's day to all you fathers!!!!!!!! hope it was a good one!  =)
well this week we had some good things happen!  we got 2 investigators
at church and both have committed to be baptized the week before i go
home!  so that was awesome!   they have finally gotten their answer
and know that this is true!  things are going good!
well the wheather is playing tricks again and is good and then bad...
you can never know ha ha ha ha ha
so take care all of you and have a good week!!!! LOVE YA!

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