Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ukraine Temple Dedication

August 30, 2010
well this week was better than last week, although we did a
lot of the same stuff HA HA HA  so the high-lite of this week waas
that we got to watch the Ukraine temple dedication (LIVE) on sunday,
so  we did not have church service this week.  we were blessed by
being able to watch the Ukraine temple dedication by satelite.  so we
had the 3 sessions playing during the day!!!  man, it was great!!!  we
had lots of members come and it turned out so well!!! it was great for
the members to see it because that is where our members will be going
to the temple now....  GREAT!!! it is a blessing to all!!!  also the
Prophet was making jokes and being funny it was so good!!!  he was
like leading the chior all crazy, poking at the piano as the guy was
playing the prelude music, making jokes about his wife liking the way
he looked in his navy uniform, about him getting in trouble by
security by not telling them where he went one time. (all of this was
during his talk about the temple in the celestrial room),(President
Uctdorf and Elder Nelson were just laughing and smiling, as President
went about doing it all) and the funniest was at the culture event on
saturday night (that we got to see), he grabbed the translator guy
after he was done translating and put him in a head lock and gave him
a nuggie!!!!!!  he messed the guys hair up bad HA HA HA HA HA it was
FUNNY!!!! then on sunday the same guy translated for him in the temple
and the prophet kept calling him "bucko" and :partner".  he is a
Prophet of God!!!  we were laughing all night long!!

oh man it was so good!!!!  i have a testimony that he is a Prophet! ha ha ha
ya so this week went by way fast!!!  i don't even know what we did HA
HA HA  oh ya... we moved our apartment this week, and helped some
other missionaries move their apartment.  that was good!
another great high-lite was the wheather!!!  it rained so hard the
other day!!!  like the rain drops were about the size of marbles.... i
tell you this why.... well the day it rained our last apointment fell
through so we had 1 1/2 hours before it was time to got home. so we
decide to go get food and then head home beacuse of the rain.....  so
me and my comp walked 1 1/2 hours in the puoring rain carring
groceries, up hill with a wall of water running down the road and side
walk.  we were soaked so bad!!!  our books in our backpacks were
ruined and there was more water in the bags we were carring then there
was food HA HA HA our clothes are still wet today and that was
wednesday!!!!! it was about an 5 miles walk!!!!  my shoes are ruined
and still wet and a have had them on the heater since then..... we had
the most fun ever!!! just us two out in the ran, no one was out, taxis
were stopping and asking us if we wanted a ride and we were like, "why
would we want a ride? we still got time before we have to be home." HA
HA HA  everyone thought we were crazy!!!!  it was great!!!  I LOVE THE
so we had a great week and this next one is going to be crazy.....  my
companion is going to armenia for the week for training meetings so i
will be on exchanges for the week, and will be working 3 areas.  mine,
my exchanges area, and the Zone leaders area.  so it will be a busy
week. it is going to be great!!  it will be good!!!  so glad i am not
going to armenia!!!  i never want to go back!!! HA HA HA


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